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Clio 1.2 Rear wheel locked ABS light has come on too

  Clio 1.2 Avantage
My clio has been standing unused for 5 days and we have had a lot of rain.
This morning when I started to drive, the R.N.S brake was making a bit of noise but I assumed it was just a bit of rust (the handbrake had been on).
After driving a few hundred yards, there was a loud bang and the RNS wheel locked up.
Driving forward (jerking it) didn't release it.
I was able to reverse and it appeared to clear the problem but as soon as I started driving forwards again, it started to grind and as soon as I touched the brakes, it locked up again.
I was still close to home so reversed back and parked it up.
I then noticied that the ABS and SERV lights were on. Had I been driving at speed, this could have been disastrous. Any ideas what the problem is?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Merc ML55
Sounds like the friction material on the brake shoes has broken off and is loose inside the drum, causing the brakes to lock on.

You'll need to remove the drum and inspect inside to be certain though