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clio 1.2

  1. D

    Need some help/advice Clio mk3 1.2Tce

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post for help Today I turned on my Clio mk3 1.2Tce and it took double the amout of time to start. Usually it has been very consistent but now it’s not I tried taking it for a drive to warm up the engine and then try to start it again and the same...
  2. H

    Renault Clio 2007 1.2l 16V turns on and off

    Hello everyone, today I was driving normally in the 4th gear and I noticed a car in front of me that is starting to brake, I "downshifted" (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not very familiar on cars) from the 4th gear to 3rd so I would slow down and then my car suddenly turned off by itself...
  3. A

    Trouble in the mk2 Clio gear box oil

    Right lads changed gearbox oil on the clio mk2 1.2 petrol and first drive it was tuff to get it in some gears is tha just the oil circulating or did I use the wrong one or something?? Any help would be appreciated
  4. daverichmond

    Full Circle - The Clio Journey Continues!

    Evening all Placed a deposit on this 200 with Cup Pack and hopefully collecting it this weekend: The car represents somewhat of a full circle journey, having been a...
  5. S

    Clio Mk2 - Low coolant temperature issue - electrical?

    Hi guys! Does anyone have an idea if there is an electrical issue that can interfere with the coolant sensor readings, ie too low, and how to diagnose it? The story... Have an older Clio Mk2 (1.2 16V) that has developed a temperature issue (2006, although with only about 30000 miles on it)...
  6. Jacpac5

    MK3 Clio TCE performance exhaust

    There's quite a few threads already but most of them seem to be from a couple years back now unfortunately. I was looking to see where I can get a good exhaust that's a bit more free flowing for the TCE.
  7. B

    MK3 Clio 1.2 16V swap to 1.2 TCe?

    Hi guys, I’ve recently drowned my D4F 1.2 16V on my Clio and I need a new engine, so I thought, why not put the 1.2 TCe there? Is here anyone who did such a thing? How about the wiring, clutch, mountings or gearbox, will they all fit? Thanks guys. 🖤
  8. O

    Upgraded injectors on 1.2tce

    Hello all, I've got a 1.2tce 2007 clio. I have currently got a large cone air filter on the car, and that's all in the terms or performance mods. I would like to get the car 're mapped to produce more power but still be reliable, I've read in alot of places, the remap is quite heavily limited by...
  9. C

    Is it possible to add the TCE turbo to the N/A 1.2 Clio?

    Owner of a mk3 (pre-facelift) Renault Clio Extreme. 1.2, 16V, 75bhp, 2006 model. I’m wondering if it’s possible to fit the turbo from the 1.2 TCE to my car, or if there’s a difference in the internals of the engine. Or perhaps there’s a 6 speed gearbox as oppose to a 5 speed. I’ve seen the...
  10. V

    Clio IV 2013 ignition cuts off

    Hi... One closed post included same problem : But theres no answer for manual gearbox?? Someone can answer that? ✌
  11. ClioDude55

    Clio only runs for a few secs!

    You I have a 1,2 16v 2002 Clio. I have taken the valve cover off with the intake and all the wiring. Plugged everything back in and now my car only works a few secs with the electrical light on and dies when the light goes out followed by a ticking noise under the left headlight. I have the code...
  12. P

    Rear Seat Won't Fold!

    I want to remove the rear seats in my MK2 ph2 Clio. I've been able to remove the bottom portion (dead straightforward) and I've been able to fold the 2/3 section but the latch on the remaining 1/3 is stuck with the release button pushed in all the way already. Can anyone help? I'll add photos...
  13. F

    New member- clio 1.2 ph1 project

    Hey guys/girls, New to the forum from South Wales Basically the story is i went with a friend to a yard who was looking for Saxo parts and saw the Clio pictured here (bad photo I know). He wants 60 quid for it, no brainer? ?‍♂️ I’ve yet to purchase yet but am seriously considering a long term...
  14. TaylorJRafferty

    Engine Oil Leak

    Hi, Looking at getting a 2008 1.2 TCE Clio for my mrs as her first car, has just been through it's MOT and one of the advisories says that it has a slight engine oil leak, where would be the common places to check for leaks if i do buy it for her? and wheres best to get replacement parts from?
  15. C

    Need help with resistor wiring for Renault sport seats in a 1.2 with no air bags in the seat!

    Can someone please please help, ive just brought a set of i believe 172 seats that have air bags on the side of them and i want to swap out my old ones which dont have air bags in and the wiring is completely different. First picture is the wiring on my passenger seat in the car at the moment...
  16. JKeillor94

    Headlight tinting

    So I'm going to be tinting my headlights and Fogs, just wondering if isopropyl alcohol is safe to use while I'm prepping? I don't want to damage the plastics or anything...
  17. M

    Clio 1.2 16 v ABS and SERV light 2005

    Need a bit of help. A while ago the ABS and SERV light appeared on the dash in my clio 1.2. MOT 's coming up so it needs fixing. Ive changed the abs rings as one was broken. Cleaned the sensor and other wiring. The light is still on? Any other ideas on what it could be? Tried disconnecting the...
  18. N

    Best back box for Clio mk2 1.2

    Hi there, had my Clio mk2 1.2 for about 6 months now and i’m doing small mods to make it a bit more exciting (it’s my first car). I’m looking for a back box to improve the sound the car makes, I just want something with a little oomph to please my ears but one that’s not going to drone when I...
  19. M

    Can you fit a mk3 facelift(09-12) rear bumper onto the mk3(05-09)?

    Could I fit a mk3 facelift bumper onto my mk3 2007? And below is my Clio TCe late 2007
  20. H

    2008 Clio mk3 project - From rags to riches!

    Hi there! My name is Hal and I am 21 years old. This month marks two years since I bought my Clio, two years of saying "I really must start doing some work to the car." But now, finally, I am in a position where I have both the time and money to invest in the Clio. I love my car and it runs...
  21. Andy_in_Ireland

    using resistor on front Lambda sensor?

    Hello - I have heard of people putting in a resistor on the plugs of certain senors to fool the engine and make the orange engine light on the dash go out , can this be done with the Lambda sensor (pre-cat/front)? if so what size resistor is needed and (there are 4wires to the Lambda - pretty...
  22. D

    Window regulator+Motor

    So my passengers window has stopped working and been told it was the motor (i have no way of checking it) but no sounds, or movement happen what i press the passengers side switch to put the window down or up, i'm not sure what kind of clio i have, so i'm not sure which motor/regulator to get...
  23. L99LDO

    My Royal Blue Clio Project

    So, two years after getting the Clio for my 17th birthday, quite a lot has changed. I'll do my best to post pictures as I go. But for now, ill only be covering the basics of what I have been up to. I only have one picture of my car before it was in my possession, so enjoy it! I also want to say...
  24. Une_Baguette

    My first car! Clio 1.2

    Hello! Been on this forum for a while now just browsing other peoples projects and I thought I may as well start my own thread to keep track of my own progress as I go along! (Sorry for the long post by the way) Back in January 2016 I bought I my first car the cheap and cheerful Clio MK2 1.2 8V...
  25. A

    Clio 1.2 16v no spark not starting

    Hi guys, i have a 2001 Clio 1.2 16v, for the past few months it's been sat there doing nothing. It won't start and there's no spark. I've tried every common fault that i know of and still nothing. I got it to start and run last week twice in the space of 20 minutes after i ran a wire from the...
  26. A

    Clio 1.2 Rear wheel locked ABS light has come on too

    Hi, My clio has been standing unused for 5 days and we have had a lot of rain. This morning when I started to drive, the R.N.S brake was making a bit of noise but I assumed it was just a bit of rust (the handbrake had been on). After driving a few hundred yards, there was a loud bang and the RNS...
  27. M

    Urgent help needed!!!

    Help?! I have a clio mk3 tce and it did have a fully atmospheric valve. I recently found out that it's the wrong type of valve to have on it. Knowing this I have just taken it off and taken it for a little test drive and it's spinning the fronts like mad (clio power!) But in second gear it hits...
  28. L

    No air coming through air vents

    I'm the owner of a 2004 clio. Nothing special just a first car. I got into it the other day and strangely the heating no longer works. All speeds seem to work and it sounds as if it is on however a strange, almost whining sound accompanies the usual flowing air sound and no air flow is coming...
  29. RichAwty

    First car, first post

    Hey just started using this so thought I'd say hi and maybe see if anybody has any words of wisdom for me. Quick background on me: I'm 24 but only recently started driving because it wasn't feasible while I was at uni. My first car is an ex-write-off (small dent in door) Clio Dynamique 1.2 16v...
  30. M

    Clio tce help

    Hey guys need some advice, Yesterday I looked under the bonnet to see oil on the underside of the bonnet it's self. I have a feeling its coming from the blow off but I'm abit concerned about it. In addition to this when I'm on boost there's a hissing noise which I'm guessing is the blow off as...