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clio 1.4 RT, ideal first car

being quite a clio fan i was looking at a nice sporty(well sort of)and a fairly economical clio, and the 1.4 RT seemed to fit the bill quite well, and i got an insurance quote for 1956.85 fully comp on one, and seeing as im 17 i dont think thats to bad. what i was wondering is are the RTs reliable cars, and would they be able to keep up with a corsa Sri?

cheers in advance

p.s how much would an induction kit or full sports exhaust system up to the manifold put my insurance up by, or would i get away with not telling them

new sri? no
ive got one, and nice car for a first car.

i dont tell my insurace comp yet, im waiting to finish the car.

Ive got a 1.2 Mk1, Phase3 Clio and I LOVE it... Got it when I was 17.. and I dont plan on getting rid of it any time soon...

Just starting to mod it at the moment, just the styling... insurance is too much for engine mods/conversions.


I had one as a first car when i was 17, got insured on it for £800 fully comp though!!
They are great lil cars and yes it should beat your mates corsa - JUST! Cos a mate of mine had a 1.4 corsa and mine was a little bit faster...
Had a few technical difficulties with mine but they were mainly self inflicted!!

ok cheers for the replies people, any idea how much it would be for me to insure an induction kit(onw that would only add about 4 bhp) or would they just give me the middle finger!
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An induction kit would probly give you minus 4 bhp....sound good tho Also, it depends who you insure it with. If you tell them it doesnt effect the power out put and just adds noise, i think youll be ok, in that it shouldnt go up (or so ive been told)
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go get the RT, its a great car.
i dont think the induction kit loses power on the RT cos there so much space for it to breathe.
i got 88bhp out of my RT from a k+n 57i and cat back exhaust.
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Your probably better off going TPFT for the first year. You can get a good condition, well looked after version for between £2000-£2500, and the insurance would be more like £1300. Theyre good first cars, especially when you consider the extras like tilt adjustable seats, foglamps, electric mirrors etc.

Like Simon was saying, an induction kit probably wouldnt show an increase in power so isnt really worth the increased premium. Stick with a peformance filter element (Ramair is a good choice) drill the airbox, and get some more cold air drawn into it.

Oh, as for the Corsa, I wouldnt worry about him, show him some corners and hell soon be beaten!!!!

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if your gonna get an induction kit get the hill power one

they are also doin scoops now to give a good cold air feed, so you wont lose power by fitting one, you would however lose power by using a k&n, tho its possible to make a shield for it

if your not interested in your fogs i can explain how to get a crackin cold air feed, as in the RT bay there is quite a bit of room, compared to the 16v anywayz

ive got the 1.4 and its an ideal first car. beats most standard 1.4s and with alloys and lowered they rape things through corners and bends.

ive only got a backbox on mine but it sounds sporty. i did the above with my airbox, drilled and replaceement filter, no noticable change in speed but it sounds better.

best thing to do is go a named driver on ya parents policy. that will bring the cost down further.

all in all a top first car, can make it look nice and its got a bit of poke for around town

Definatly agree its a great first car. Had mine about 9 months now and havnt had a single problem, (except the standard leaky sunroof).

Mine isnt modded so the insurance is about £900 TPFT, if you can take the pass plus thingy, i did and it knocked quite alot off your insurance, about £200-£300.

I agree mate, BUY MINE!!!
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ok cheers people, ive never heard of hill power until i came onto this board, do they specialize in clios? where can i find one of there induction kits and how much for?
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That insurance sounds a lot to me mate. Give Endsleigh or AQuote a bell. Sure theyll sort you out with somethin cheaper. I got my 16V clio when i was 20 and my insurance was only £900 fully comp. I had no claims though since i was 17. My GFs got an AX GT, she pays £700 TPF&T, shes 18 and had no no claims bonus. If the cars worth less than 2 grand get third party fire and theft. Your excess will probably be about £500 anyway and if you had an accident theyd probably offer you a couple of hundred for your car after the excess the robbin b******s.
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the rt is a dam good first car.
I have done quite a few things to mine but the insurance is still good £900 fc 20 with zorst induction kit lowered wheels chip.
I think the induction kits are like £90 i have one on mine although i did buy it second hand.

knowing what I know now I would defo get an RT. Steve a and James have great example of how to make a small car nice

There a great first car, I got one and theres loads of things you can do them. there nippy round town and on the motorway there not that bad I had 105 out of mine on 16s which is about 112. I got a website which is however the pictures need updating now