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Clio 1.5 DCi 80, yes or no?

Hello, as you can probably tell i'm new to the forum

I don't actually have a clio yet but lookin into buyin a clio dci 80 in the near future cause i'll be driving from cornwall to liverpool just about every other weekend and need a reliable car with good mpg, an just wanted some opinions on whether or not its any good for this?


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Cheap to run - good mpg, cheap tax, cheap tyres/brakes etc

Everyone on here says if they go wrong they go very wrong but I havent had any major problems with mine tbh
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dci 80 is a good bet. i had a 65 which i owned from 68k right up to 103k (when it got written off) and couldnt really fault it. have drove a few of the 80's and the extra 15hp is noticable so try and get hold of an 80 or even a 100bhp one if you can


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dci 65 is mental mpg, i got 70mpg out of a 80 mile trip in my mrs 65 and its done 115k, 80 is still good.

Putting 4 injectors in it 2morrow and a reprog as 1 of them is fecked.
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Just trading in a 65 after 5 years owned and in that time not a single fault. Very low mileage but we used to tow a caravan with it, which it did brilliantly, an Eriba Triton 420.


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my last dci 65 done 160,000 odd miles and never let me down apart from a gearbox going (turned out the oil wasnt replaced at 72k like it should have been!)

my dci 100 remaped to 130bhp does 55mpg no problem daily and will easily do 60mpg+ on the motorway if i want it to!

£35 a year road tax, £300 a year insurance @ 21, £40 twice a year for an oil and filter change and its all fine!

get yourself over to
Just get a 100 if you can find one!! The economy will still be brilliant but with extra power to boot. I test drove an 80 and wasn't that impressed.
found one finally, had my eye on two other 100's but each one had something missing that i wanted. one didnt have fogs and the other didnt have a/c lol

put deposit down on one today that has both things as well as xenon lights, climate control, cruise control and electric sunroof, cd changer, etc etc etc :D roll on sat!!
  Nimbus 197, Ph1 172
Front fogs do naff all on a Clio, i'd sooner 15bhp more than them any day! But thats my opinion, good luck with it.
its got everything :D they only advertised it late last night so was shocked it sold today lol

i prefer the look of fogs in bumper rather than those blank circles that look like they're missing something, thats all.
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I will be looking at a 100 mapped to as much as I can, should go well with 130BHP and a load of torque!
Cheers for the replys guys, decided I want a clio for sure now, just need to find a nice one I want, at a reaonable price
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DCI's are really good cars imo. I'd never own another one, but for someone wanting a cheap to run workhorse they fit the bill perfectly.

Just don't go buying one with the intention to remap it, get an 80 or 100 if you don't find the gearbox troubles off-putting and leave it be. If you want a quick diesel a Clio is not the way to go and you will almost certainly have problems eventually.


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20k so far on my high boost remap on my 100 with no worries! apparently renault gearbox's are w**k but ive only had 1 fail in the 420,000 miles my mk2's have done and the one that failed had done 150k on the gearbox oil lol
20k so far on my high boost remap on my 100 with no worries! apparently renault gearbox's are w**k but ive only had 1 fail in the 420,000 miles my mk2's have done and the one that failed had done 150k on the gearbox oil lol

How do you so many miles martin. You only had it mapped a few months ago lol

I'd like to drive a mapped dci, standard 80's pull well tbh.


ClioSport Club Member
i do a s**t load of miles with work and because i have the cheap to run reliable car my mates are forever pinching it to go down south to pick up car parts etc
Fair enough, what mileage is it on now then?

What mileage are the dci engines good for before things like turbo's start going. My mates just got a 2007 Megane 1.5 DCI on 93K FSH inc belt changes, it was an ex-company car. Got it dirt cheap at £3150, i'd just be concerned because i've heard of them blowing up once they're over 100,000 miles.


ClioSport Club Member
na 1.5's are fine, the 1.9s are problematic!

my last one was on 160k odd and as far as i could see was still all original (gearbox, turbo etc) had no service history either lol

mine is on just over 90k now bought it just under 70k
  clio sport 172
Had a dci before i had a cliosport had a few problems with it. EGR valves are common to go on the DCi engines. I had the car from brand new on a 54 plate was good MPG and good tax but did need more love and tender care