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Clio 16V 0-60 in 9.6

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

I have been chatting to a couple of guys at work this morning, and were on about cars n stuff....i mentioned my car and said 0-60 was about 7 of these so called know it alls reckons no way, and is more like 9.6 secs!

Then another guy said that was rubbish - more like 8 secs! im like what the f@ck!!??

Im sure ive timed it roughly around 7, but they dont seem to believe me (although i dont think they really have an idea what a Clio 16V can do....)

One of em has a Hyunadai F2 coupe (yeah i really want one of those)

The other has a phase 2 MR2 - hes the one who reckons he knows all about cars and says mine can only do 0-60 in 9.6 secs! Joker...

Anyone know what the standard figures are? - Whats your 16V been timed at??

have hit flat 7s, on a stop watch. best time, i got a ridiculously good start and stop watch said 6.5!! but probably more like 7, i try not to be optomistic either, start stop watch b4 i drop clutch and stop mailto:it@7000rpm">it @ 7000rpm in second gear, defintly break the 8sec barrier though, looking at easy low 7s, think standard time is 7.7?

A clio 16v is capable of reaching 7.6/7.8 on average.

I have recorded times of a constant 7.1 in the dry and mine is standard. (timed by ap-22)

The guy who said 9.6 seconds to 60 is talking bullsh*t

Renault quoted 0-60 in 7.7 secs for the Mk1 Clio 16v. The only test Ive ever seen was in 1991 by Autocar - that gave it 0-60 in 7.4.

**The 1998-2000 Clio 16v (a 1.6 16v 110bhp first called the "16v", then "RSi" when the Phase 1 172 came out and now the "1.6 Dynamique" in Phase 2 shape) was 0-60 in 9.6 secs by book. Maybe your mate has that car in mind.**

i dont bother speaking to people like that, think they know it all without checking the facts.. on the other hand this is why i love the clio16v... cuz people dont know just how much of a performance car it is!! its nice to surprise people...

i travel from essex -> kent each day, pulling away from the tolls can be real fun watching peoples faces in there nice little BMWs while you pi55 all over them!!


I think you need to educate these KNOW IT ALLS and show them what your car has got. I suggest taking them out when the car is warm and drive really easy, let them comment on how slow it is and then boot it and watch their faces. ;)

Yeah i know that mag really is a pile of sh*t. They have a corsavan rated over a 172!? Because it has the maxfactor...hmmm. When will they learn the only reason their mag sells well is because of the tits? Some of the cars theyve featured recently have been really really bad, they should have group tests, new car tests, standard vs modded tests and stuff like that, mix it up a little but i cant see them changing! Their photography compared to the likes of EVO is also laughable
  clio 20v

i hate them car know-it-alls that really dont know nuthin just that there car is the quickest in the world

one of the lads that works wiv my g/f is like that he reckoned clio 16vs "arnt even quick" i soon shut him up when i completely embarrassed his saxo vtr by lots ha ha
  clio 20v

the saxo guy honesly thought he had a chance of keeping up though it was well funny to see his face after

ive seen it as 8 and 7.7 apart from lax power which has it as 8.6 or summat and the 19 16v in the 7s

  clio 20v

it wud have to be tuned, his vts is quite rapid, even though i had trouble wiv my g/box on the day i dont reckon i could have beaten it, it must be getin low 7s to 60

thats y i am getin more power out of mine he he, cant hav these paxos goin faster than me

Quote - "it must be getting low 7s to 60"

Mine does 7.1 constant to 60 - should be a good battle.
  clio 20v

yeh but i dont think ull beat it by much ive been doin 7.7s in the wet so mine shud do low 7s to sixty in the dry and i couldnt overhaul the little bastid saxo

sayin that though been out tonite wiv the ap-22 and as soon as my box starts getin hot and i cant do as quick changes like on our racin day out my times have been slipping in to the 8s, i want a rematch with fixed g/box and 2 litre engine heh heh