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Clio 16v Questions

  Skoda Fabia vRS

ok guys my mate might be selling his Clio 16v, and id have the car apart from one thing, its mileage, its done 100k

firstly how much more mileage can i expect, and can u gimme some idea of prices for jobs, like new clutch etc

i do mostly motorway miles, about 12k a year, could i expect 2 years out of this car before it starts to die on me hehe ?

Yet to get either of my valvers to 100k so couldnt comment on how long you will get out of the car. I wont be taking mine much further that 90k before a new engine goes in.

As for a clutch, I have had willy clutch prices from £300-£500.

Engines are solid and a looked after 16v should reach 150k easily. Its all the other stuff that goes, but in certain situations if all the usuall stuff has gone and been fixed, the car can get a second wind, and run for ages without trouble (pretty sure Nick Reads has done in excess of 100k and thier will be others). Check gearbox, cooling system, underneath and in back arches for rot, wheel bearings, when it last had a cam belt, powers steering and all the other usual problems. However at 100k its likely all these things have been done, or if not they will need done and it will be obvious.

Engines are fine, have seen plenty on reno 19 done loas of miles

Alex M

Mines on 94k now and runs like a dream.

But then I have replaced most things apart from the bottom end!

So make sure its mainly new bits and there will be no problems. There a 19 16vs out there on 250k with the original bottom end.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hehe thanks for the vote of confidence guys

ill be lookin into it more closely as ive always loved my mates car, its really nice

Youll love a bona fide Valver. I still dont think that there has been a better looking hot hatch yet (the illustrious Delta Integrale came before it!). Fortunately, its not all show and no go - although they do seem to vary more than is usual in terms of power output. Some are unbelieveably quick; some are just fast.

Ive just stuck on some of the original Phase 2 wheels that my car would have originally come with. Speedline Vegas - tasty! Even the old turbine Phase 1 wheels look damn fine, with a bit of lowering.

Mines done 100k. Running like a dream.

I have maintained the car/engine/components to a high standard.

As we speak my car is in the garage gettting a new steering colume! Buts thats just wear and tear.

But becareful 16vs arent cheap to repair when they go wrong...Ive had a new gearbox and 60k, and now a new steering colum at 100k..........not too bad for a car thats been driven hard from day one!
  BMW 320d Sport

lol Alex 100k my arse...It says 45k on the clock and in reality I suspect its more like around 80,000 by now. But this is a Clio that until recently had had *every* single part replaced by me in the three years Ive owned it, apart from the bottom end and the petrol tank. Whatever has needed doing, I did it, money no object, to keep it on the road and in perfect running order. And as you probably know by now, the bottom end has also gone now, so its having a full engine rebuild before it hits the road again, basically will be a brand new engine. There are tatty bits, the front end needs a respray and some of the upholstery is a little worn etc, but the basic car is rock solid, no rust or anything like that.

I think if you can find a Clio like that, and it cant be just mine thats looked after so obsessively, then youre onto a winner, mileage isnt really an issue, its just numbers on the clock. You can buy a 30k miler thats never been looked after and itll fail you witihin a month.

yeah but buying if from ya local delboy means its been clocked big time!!! NICK!

mines on 110,000!! still perrrrrfffect!

Sorry Nick, didnt mean that the way it might have sounded, what I meant to say was that one of the quicker valvers on the forum had actually done about 140k, thought it was yours, but obviously not, am I imagining it or does someone have a quick clio thats on a suprisingly high miles, or is someone on renaultsportclub, who knows, but I still think the engines are fairly tough. Aint done much to my own motor recently, although there a few things I need to get fired into to, fancy some power.

Alex M
  williams and trophy

my old valver had 105 k on the clock when it pulled a 15.9 at york , with just filter n zorst mods................ it was the fastest it had ever been down the strip in 2 years.......... and it felt better and stronger when i sold it than it did when i bought it

buy it brun mate u wont regret it

  BMW 320d Sport

No worries Alex - I think the engines are only as strong as theyve been looked after. Any engine can be thrashed within 50k miles if you never look after it, cane it from cold, never check the oil or water etc.