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Clio 16V Respray

Hello fellas,

This is my first post on the forum, after lurking for a while now.

Not sure if this is in the right section sorry if its not, but I have a question about how much should I be expecting to pay for a full respray for my K Reg 16v, if it makes any difference the colour of the car is dark metallic grey.

I am getting pretty pissed off with my rear arches rusting and general old age wear and tear, so I think I will need a full respray.

Anyway any info would be appreciated.



hi, where abouts r y a?

cos i know a good place in sheffield

auto body styling

they r doing my clio at soon - been qoted for £400/500 for full respray but i know the owner

can get ya price if interested?


I live in Lancashire bit of of distance but £4-500 is not bad, what do you get for that do you have prepare the body work yourself or what...I know absolutely nothing about you can probabbly tell. Do they sand down and fill any bits that need filling etc?



they said they would do that for me but i am a mate of workers so not sure for u, i could try get cheap price for ya

all i have to do is remove widows and rubbers just to make the job better, but i decided to do that ,

gonna tint windows while there out ;)

u want price then?


Mine is also a K reg grey metallic, when you find out the colour will u let us know. Apparently there is two
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Could be xerus grey paint code 630 !! Or there was another one on the early Clios Which I cant quite remember !! Look on your oval plate in the middle of it is a 3 digit number. Thats your paint code !! Itll begin with a 6 !!

SMBBaliey, Thanks for the offer of a price but I am not looking in the immediate future as my 16v is poorly and I need to spend my cash on some new discs and pads, heater problems and Starting problems, I will be looking to get it done in late summer, if your still here Ill give you a shout.



I would say that if you go to a small bodyshop you could get the work done for around 1k. I wouldnt get it done for much less really as you get what you pay for unless your getting a deal from a mate or something like sbmbailey.

What i would do is find a bodyshop out the yellow pages and go visit them. Get a quote and ask to see some of there work. They will normally have some sort of car at the shop that they have done, e.g most will have at least given there own car a blow over.

I got some good contacts around my area (Bedford,Cambridge,Essex) who would do the nuts of a job and do all my work and they quoted me £700/£800 for a respray and that includes things like spraying all the black plastic on the car (skuttle, wing mirror base, rear spoiler) also maybe a small amount of smoothing. To have everything smoothed off like handles, boot and bad boy would be an extra £300!!

Hope this help


Yeah. Its was called Street Specials but they split up and changed to KustomWorx! Street Specials are starting again at the mo and so will be doing work dirt cheap to get there name around again. I caught them last year when they first started up and they done a bad boy bonnet for £100 and it is pukka. most companys charg around £200 for it.