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Clio 16v Vs VTS

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

106gti/SaxoVTS Vs Clio 16v - IMO i think 9/10 the 106/Saxo would be slightly quicker through first, then the valver would gain back what it lost, then from 80mph + the Vavler would gently pull away.......
  TT 225

Geoff - it was me that told you they were the same car when you asked the same question on saxosports :D

I guess its all equal, people tend to agree that the 106 and saxo are very very similar and the valver compares quite well til 80+ when it would start to make gains :)

One of my mates has a vts and another as the 106 gti, they raced a few times and the 106 is always quicker, just straight line, the 106 driver is a fa6 on corners, why have a 106 gti eh!! Compared to the valver though i dont know, havnt bought mine YET!!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

from what ive read in the past, the 106 is supposed to be slightly better polished-off than the rather have the 106.....its in Jeremy Clarksons top 100!!! lol........Kelly any idea what happened to your saxo in its life after you??

valver will go a bit earlier... 50+ it will start to push the others. I guess Id still have one though over a pug or saxo.


  Clio Phase II 16V

Well ive first hand experience, and youll waste a VTS with a standard Clio was about 2 foot off his rear bumper on the M25 @ 115mph and flew past him and carried on going to 127+

He had an uprated exhaust as well
  TT 225

Yea Rob, my iccle baby lives in Blackpool with a lad called Adam who is looking after it very well :) He tells me storys of it beating the VTRs which is cool for its 1.3 :D

My Saxo was cool

VTS/106 GTi are a very fine match for the 16v. Off the mark will be similar - getting ahead will depend on timing and technique.

The 16v will be better at higher speeds and overtaking though.

Handling would be hard to call. The 106/VTS are very sharp, but likely to "snap" suddenly (like the 205 GTi). The 16v is more progressive and less likely to get you into trouble - but that does not mean its slower or not as good.

Upon going in my mates standard vts and comparing my clio mine definatly feels like its got a lot more grunt and is ever so slightly faster... Any one no what i mean?

p.s. Are the 106gti slightly smaller that the saxo they do look it but i cant be sure??
  clio 20v

last time i had a race wiv a vts i pulled a a good cars length up to 80 then had to slow down, my mates 106 has beaten a vts

theres nuthin in it between his 106 an mine, except top end wen i gain a bit


Iv raced a 106 GTI a beat it both of us where 2 up but it was pritty close but i raced a saxo VTS and it pulled away top end of third but it didnt sound standard

but both races have only been up to about 80 - 90mph
  mk2 172

it depends what years the cars are, or should i say when they were manufactured. theres three types of vts/gti, all the respective years are a perfectly even match apart from the driver

early ones 120 bhp

later ones, by this i dont mean all mk2 etc 130bhp.

latest(mine) somewhere inbetween about 124ish. due to emissions which can be reversed apparently

a lot of x reg vts are the 15.4-5 1/4 milers due to there undisclosed 130bhp.

so if you race one you can never be sure wihich is quickest cos the power of them varys, so a mate with x might beat x or vise versa

well sorry people, ive just bought a VTS, got a really good deal and me folks are giving me a loan. Ill have a valver or a williams one of these days, better looking and better image but cant turn the deal down.

Cheers for everyones help!

my mates vts has 130bhp on the rolling road and he cant break 16secs for the 1/4mile, and my williams 19 does 15.7 and i havent raced a vts that can beat me!
  mk2 172

join the club clapshot mate, mine is due in a week or two, got a williams as well though.

phil, must be a pants driver then your mate. well see anyway, mine will be up the strip before its barely got a mile on it. i can get 14.8 out of my virtually standard williams

id love a williams as well! Gettin a 99 S reg with 12,900 miles, completly standard, one lady owner, FSH, think its had 6 services, 3 small stone chips on the bonet other than that not marked, its white not sure about that part of it though. all for £4400. No sure if it is good but i thot it was!
  mk2 172

sounds like a very good price that mate, youll have to let me know what its like considering it seems like an age since i ordered my frigin thing!, sick of waiting

I have to wait a week and a half before i can drive it, even see it. Im buying it on dads word but i can go by what he says, i hope!! But when i get it ill give you all a post, jus wish i had experiance of a valver to compare them!!

my mates got one. handles bloody well, but as for excelleration and top end, was unimmpressive. i top out in 4th where he tops out in 5th. and i out accelerate him through all the gears

Had a shot of my mates one, ars£ end aint shy at all, which i like, as long as i dont loose it too bad!! Worst thing about them i think is they r clit cars, every c**t has one!! Nice thing about a valver is you dont see many about, well i dont!

I have a VTS, (Used to have a VTR) and they aint slow once you get them above 5000rpm and they come on cam, (They redline at 7000rpm, hit the limiter at 7500rpm.) At lower revs they feel pretty uninspiring but once you hit the sweet spot they transform into a bit of an animal :D

I have yet to race a 16v or 106Gti, but from what people have said there shouldnt be much in it on the straights or twisties. Some people prefer the exclusivity of the GTi, some prefer the looks of the VTS. Everyones opion is their own.

The back end can be a little lary unless you are good at lift off oversteer be carefull with the VTS/GTi on bends, dont even think about backing off at speed! :eek:

But although they can be a handful when abused on a bend it really gives a feeling of acomplishment if you do take a good corner, they can really reward good driving but they can punish the unwary, which is why most totalled VTR/VTS/GTis are from spotty oiks that have only been driving 10 minutes! :mad:

I dont think they are anywhere near as fast as a 172 but for the money they cost they are good value for money with more modded bits and pieces than you can shake an induction kit at. And they are still faster than 90% of the cars on the road :cool:

Just dont try a rolling 50mph start against a Saab 93 turbo as I found out to my suprise! :oops: