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Clio 172 blower problem

  Clio 172 ph2
Im sure you guys are getting annoyed with people posting the same problem. . . but

Its getting very cold now :(

my blowers just stopped working alto there on full, theres no blow!

i dont really know much about clios as i havent owned it too long! so any help i could get will be much appreciated!!

thanks for any help i get!

its usually the resistor rather than the motor, there is a way to test, but i cant remember off hand, anyway, we stock both, motor is 40, resistor is 60, both with a 3 month warranty.
  Clio 172 2.0 16V RSport
I am having the same problem with mine, a clio 172 53 plate with air con.

Please help . . . i cannot see and i am bloody freezing!! Ha!!

  172 Phase 1 & 172 Ph
Mine has started doing this.

Open your bonnet and you need to remove the plastic scuttle (plastic trim at the bottom of the windscreen) Its in two sections and you need to remove the d/side, really easy just pop the clip out by the wing and it pulls out.

You then see, two plugs - one on the right is for the resistor and on the left is the motor.

Now my problem lies with the motor, as i gave it a bang with my hand and it came back to life and has worked since....
  172 Phase 1 & 172 Ph
Oh and from what i found when i did some searching on the forum its usually the resistor that fails.
  Clio 172 Cup 03 plat
Is this a common problem, cos 3 days ago mines also stopped working, I've got 172cup 2003 without air con, does that make a difference?

Cold is not the word!!! -2oC the first day it broke down!!!!
  260% JCW
Id say its a common fault mine my was stuck on one setting. Repaired it myself. Cost me £13
  172 Ph2
Id say its a common fault mine my was stuck on one setting. Repaired it myself. Cost me £13

Hi sorry to resurrect an old thread. My heater resistor must be broken as it only stays on full blast all the time.

How did you repair it for £13 an was it easy to do?