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Clio 172 Cup (pic)


Did you get a drive in it?

What did it sound like with less sound deadening?

Does the car roll less on bends and does it feel noticeably quicker?

Just curious as ive got the official brochure from Renault now.
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Nope, they wouldnt let us drive it (mind you in my case theyd seen how incompetent I was on the track already!)

I doubt itd feel any quicker, it probably rolls a bit less than standard but mines lowered anyway. Really nice looking car though, but I cant help thinking Id miss the creature comforts after a while. I do like the wheels though. The interior is a bit garish - lots of metallic blue trim everywhere.

Removing the sound-deadening is ok for a standard car, but it will probably become a bit boomy with a Magnex fitted which I imagine many owners would do at some stage.

BTW I did ask the Renault guys about warranty friendly mods like exhausts, induction kits etc and they told me they were unaware of any such thing, which is disappointing as they would have been suitable for all 172s. Ah well, back to Demon Tweeks it is then...

Im sure I heard somewhere on here that they were going to make the Cup upgrades available to the normal 172 later down the line.

Next week look out for test drives of the cup in Autoexpress on Tues 6 and Autocar Weds 7. Should be interesting.

My local Renault Dealer took delivery of a 172 Cup this week. Its now in the showroom. Had a long peek at it. The engine looks really different with all the platic covers removed. In some ways it looks better - more hardcore. You can see why it is much cheaper than a std. 172. because they have taken all the extras outs. I would be tempted as a first time buyer. The only reservation I would personally have is it has no ABS which I feel I would miss.

Good things about this is that now we all have access to the parts bin. e.g. If you want to get rid of your spare wheel then just order the tyre foam with strap and the new plastic screw that holds the tool tray down to the floorpan.


Where is your local dealer based, coz Im in Aylesbury and our dealer thinks he wont get a demo cup until Sept. And really interested in this, as a first time buyer of a 172.


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I saw a Clio Cup in Edinburgh on Thursday and the colour is really quite striking also the wheels look very nice.

Drove a Clio Cup at Renault Bradford the other day, great car, only done 37 miles, the steering felt much more precise than my car, looks good as well.

Tim O.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

The trouble is it still needs lowering - if only theyd have dropped it another 20cm or so it wouldve been just right.