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Clio 172 mk2 alarm keeps going off.

Hi I have had the car almost a year and not had a problem. Just got back from a short drive to tesco and it seems every half hour to an hour the alarm goes off.

I have checked to make sure the bonnet is closed properly the boot and both doors. If it was one of these sensors the car normally has a constant beep when locking.

I have read that people have problems with over sensitive internal sensors, but i don't normally have a problem . Could they become sensitive with out me doing anything?

A couple of months ago my alarm did go off but I had left my interior light on. Once i turned the interior light off it did not go off again.

Could this be linked to something that could be going wrong this time ??

Any help or advice would be much appreciated as i am sure my neighbors are probably getting pissed off.
I think i figured it out. So incase anyone else finds them selves having this problem ill post the cause and fix.

With the sun being low this time of year my passengers and I have been using the screen visors more. This has over time nocked the volumetric sensors so they where direct not into the car but towards the dash.

With the weather getting cold and damp i am having to de mist my screen alot more especially at the start of journeys.

As I only went for a short drive last night, the time it took to complete the journey was less then de misting my screen. So when i was parked the blowers were still directed at the windscreen. After I had locked my car there must be a draft through the fan system and this must be enough to activate the volumetric sensors when they are pointing at the dash .

This will explain why I have not had this problem until just recently. I will not have been using the screen visors as much, nor would i be using the de misting function on the fan control as much.
to fix just moved the sensors out of the arch or the screen visors and directed each down its relative side of the car, so away from any vents.

since the change, has not gone off yet. 13 hours and counting.