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Clio 172 Tyres

My Clio 172 has gone through the contis (front only) after just 8,000 miles - I wish i was wheel spinning but i wasnt !!! Honest !!

got some advice on here to get some BF Goodrich Profiler "g" and just wanted to say thanks to the people who gave me the advice.

Excellent tyre which in my opinion give a marginally harder ride but hardly noticeable really. Also ... the outside wall actually protects the rim of the 172 alloy by "jutting" out in line with it - where the contis on the 172 sit inwards of the rim and can leave the wheel open to "kerbing"

I live in the country side and drive to london every week and Ive noticed a huge difference in the water dispersion on the goodrich and the control is so much better and the tyres seem to cut through water at 30 & 40 mph far better than with a new set of contis on the front.

I was also told to run the goodrich bfs in for 50 miles and I wont be changing for any other tyres except this brand for 172.

Excellent tyres and thanks to you guys for the advice.

Only a final note - the contis reminded me of yokos on my old mk 2 golf gti - really soft and good grip but dont last long!

Dont know if the above info helps anyone else but in my experience the change was worth it and it didnt cost a lot either @ £120 for two tyres, balanced, valves and fitted inc vat.

Pete - West Sussex

where abouts in west sussex!!!!

im in West Chiltington near Pulborough.......well, sometimes im there...LOL

anyway, try some bridgestones nxt time.......the best!

The running-in bit is important. IT heat-cycles the rubber, leading to better grip/life, and it scrubs off the release agent that is left from the moulding process.

I dont think Ill be wearing out the Contis in a hurry (car is 6 months old with 3.5K on the clock), but its useful info.

Yeah I have TOYOs too - very impressed. I had Michelin Sport tyres on my Mk1 before I got new wheels and they were ok, but nothing to get excited about. I would like to try the Rainsport tyres. (are they goodrich or goodyear?)

Just had my 3rd set of contis on the front , present mileage 10900 i.e approx 5k per set.

youre doing well at 8k,as my missus drives every day and I mainly only get to drive mine at w/ends. (she tells me she hardly ever boots it either!)


Stu 172

Quote: Originally posted by gamesmasteruk on 04 January 2003

Hey Ben, I know west chiltington, ive just got a place in storrington! small world mate!

Jees, thats close!

you just bought a place there?

Im goin past storrington often, so, if you ever see a MK1 XR2 in light metallic blue......flash.

never heard of them mate.....why?

I live near the 5 bells (now the inn) pub.

Its not my permanent home, im in bristol, but i go back and forth a few times every few months as i do work on cars in the garage.....