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Clio 172

  Little white 172
It's been many years since I last owned a Clio, it started way back when I purchased my first car a 1.2 mk1 Clio, then through time I got myself a mk1 valver and loved the little thing!


I decided to sell the valver to my girlfriend at the time and long story short she did a runner with my car and I never seen it again.

So back to present day and in need of a new daily while my other projects are off the road I decided it was time to get myself back into a Clio. A mate of mine had his 172 up for sale so I did him a deal on a Mazda Eunos I had tucked up in my workshop and the exchange was done at the weekend.


73k miles, service history, obviously been resprayed white and a few other bits and bobs done. So far im really enjoying it.

To do list so far is to de-chav it, the current clear tail lights will be binned, bumpers are going to be painted again this week hopefully and will take it from there.

Cheers, Dave.
  Little white 172
Few more photos of its current state. .




Needs things changing to suit my taste but a good fun base for me to play with.
  Little white 172
Yay! Good news, the horrific tail lights are gone and replaced by standard items with chrome indicator bulbs.


Next up hopefully coilovers, a good clean and more de-chaving.
  Little white 172
Lately just been driving the Clio, gathering little bits for it. A friend had some coilovers sitting in his garage doing nothing so I picked them up from him, and with it being my day off work today I went out to my workshop and got cracking with them...
As it was when I got to the workshop.




Having a rough idea of how the coilovers were set, I altered them to what I thought would be a sensible height and put everything back together. I was pretty much bang on with the drop I had in mind..



Very practical height by my usual standards and very happy with the outcome. Now need to get my wheels blasted and painted to replace the standard jobbies.
  Little white 172
Been doing little jobs on the Clio here and there when I get the time, had been having trouble with my drivers xenon not working so after a bit of investigation I got a new ballast and a pair of new bulbs in and all working again. Fitted quick fix bumper kit and tinted my fogs yellow along with new fog light bulbs.


The stickerbombed shite got the bin..


sorted out the ill fitting silicone pipe which had been made to fit with sellotape!


And finally a little treat I got myself...


Have a brand new pair of OMP harnesses left over im going to use to get rid of the Takata wannabes it currently has just waiting on a pair of side mounts to turn up so I can fit.

Still not got anything done with wheels yet either!
  Little white 172
Got a bit more done to the Clio yesterday starting with getting the Sabelt seat in. Couple of bars welded into the floor to bolt the subframe too, bit of fiddling and hey presto seat fitted!

My OMP harness came with the little eyelets so got them in and harness fitted up, possible harness bars coming in future but current set up is adequate for now.


Also got on with stripping all the nonessential trim out the rear, now bare and front door cards etc will be out soon as I have some kit to make up new ones. All going well first proper action in Clio will be Straightliners even in July.