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clio 172cup help

Hi all

well i am newbie and looking for a 172cup. after doing some research i am still pretty stuck and was hoping some advice could be given.

ok i am going to view a cup on sat with 47k on clock, fsh pat renault history and car has 3 months mot and 2 months tax (gettin new mot this fri so will be 12 months) its standard apart form a k tec exhaust (stealth) 2nd owner and states bought from a friend who bought it new. all belts including cambelt done 1 week ago and service. (thats gives me confidance). its up for 4.5k.

my other option is another cup but has 63k on and again part renault history. its standard with no mods. has 11 months mot and 5 months tax, unsure of previos owners at mo. this one is also double checking if cambelt has been done as is not to sure. (going through past paperwork) this car is up for 3.6k


so my question is. is 62k high miles for a clio cup? both cars look good in pics (ie spliter is there etc) providing the cambelt change has been done on the 62k car is this more worth it then the other.

any advice would be good.


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What reg are they both?

Some of the 53 area cups have a slightly nicer interior (different dash materials etc), which seemed to rattle etc less.

Id look at both and see what condition theyre in though mate, dont go off adverts alone.
there both 52 plates.... i am in bristol but 1 is in wovles and 1 in bedfordshire. i cant travel to see both as its to far. i havent even seen a 53 plate for sell. lol

only 02 and 52 i think.

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Ah, i had an 04 plate 172 Cup earlier this year.

Pick which one looks best, speak to the sellers and see which is soundest. Depends how much you have to spend and what you're after. A car with lower miles 'should' be nicer, but not always the case. Cambelt is worth getting done, as its around 400 notes.
right i have just spoken to the bloke who selling the 3.6k 1. he is the 4th owner. no recipt for cambelt change but states the log book says it should be changed at 72k???? any one confirm??? he also states the price is not fixed so banter can be done. he states there is a crack in windscreen at the bottom but will et that done if i wanted to.

so if it worth a go if i offer alot less and explain cambelt needs ot be done. then for my piece of mind i know its done. i am gettin pretty confused now.

p4ks i ahve pm you back.

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I bought my 03 place with 44k on the clock back in april for 4800. cam belt wasnt done but all mounts were changed under warranty. getting the belts done tomorrow or 300 all in.

Its unfortunate that you cant test drive both to check for and rattles or creaks but which ever one you go and see take it for a spin. I drove one and the gearbox came away from the engine when i changed gear! no wonder it was cheap!
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The 3.6k one sounds like its not been very well looked after.

These cars can swallow money if you pick the wrong one...
i have gone form hardly seeing any for sell within a week and now i have a decision of 3..... peperami i understand what you saying about not being well looked after. i think the price reflects the condition maybe?? i would like to drive both but its jus not possible with the distance i would need to cover. back to thinking i think..... the cambelt seems to put me off slightly but if could get it cheep enough i would get cambelt done asap.
  172 CUP
I own the 47k one. If you want pics of the service book etc please let me know.

Alot of people go by the 72k for the cambelt change and ignore the 5 year bit, which is what my mate did (was told incorrectly by a garage!). I paid good money for the car, but within a day of joining this forum, realised that my new CUP was a ticking time bomb so had the belts done asap. Ive spent almost £1000 since buying it (new KTEC stealth, new discs & pads all around inc rear bearings, cam/aux belts + service, exhaust mounts, door badges, so even selling for the asking price will be losing me a fair bit.

Its a very tidy car, and needs nothing spending on it. Even replaced the door badges as the current ones had suffered a jet wash death. I invested in the car as I expected to own it for a long time.

I'm confident that anyone to see my car wont be dissappointed.

If I didn't do 500 miles a week (even though I'm getting 40 MPG, but used to 55 fron the hdi I had) and my wife didn't keep nagging me, I would keep it.

Sorry for the mini essay btw.