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Clio 182 artic blue

  clio 172
So might as well start a thread for the car a lot has been done alright I got the car pretty much standard looking with a few mods such as coilovers and exhaust I have put my
Own touch on it. Hoping start of next year to rip it all apart in the front and fit some new items and find a new gearbox as current one crunch’s into 2nd and 3rd. Car is a daily and is on 110k at the moment. Recently been mapped at efi making 198bhp with a rs2 inlet 197 injectors and a full ktec exhaust and decat.

hoping to have 197 cams added next year when belts are due to hopefully go over the 200bhp
here is a small list of mods currently on the car

Trophy spoiler

Ktec carbon splitter

Wind deflectors

Mad engineering tow eye

Ktec sunstrip

Speed line turinis

Custom side bullets


Ktec coilovers

Pms big brake kit

Whiteline rear arb

Ktec top mount

Pms spacers

Pms axel spacers

0.5 camber shims

Pms stud kit


Rs2 inlet manifold

Ktec solid engine and gearbox mount

Power flex dogbone

Ktec ultraperformance catback

Miltek decat

197 injectors

Efi map 198bhp


RS performance wheel

Modified scenic shifter

Volantech panel

Custom dials

Aftermarket stereo

Ktec floormats

Gauge pod

I have attached some picture of what it looked like when I first got it to current day


  • 3C9959AB-3912-44E5-98C1-DB330DD12D7F.jpeg
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  • 6393613E-2722-43CF-BE5D-142154104A40.jpeg
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ClioSport Club Member
Looks good, some nice upgrades there!

Are you running ac with the RS2? Have you got any pictures of how the alternator brackets are attached to the engine block?
  clio 172
Looks good, some nice upgrades there!

Are you running ac with the RS2? Have you got any pictures of how the alternator brackets are attached to the engine block?
Hi mate and yes running ac still and I think I have some I’ll attach I am planning on getting the ac delete kit from pms next year.
With the ac you have the remove the support bar and grind away abit of the tab on the top bracket. Also use a nut and bolt on the hole which connects the top bracket to the block


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ClioSport Club Member
Thank you!

I take it you mean the bolt I've circled in your picture in red?

Do you know if the other side of the top bracket is bolted to the block as well? From where I've circled in yellow towards the block with the yellow arrow?


I've just reinstalled the ac in my car with eman RS2 and there wasn't a lot of info available hence interested in how yours is installed before you remove it!