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Clio 182 factory HU

  clio 182
I have a 182 (2004) with the standard head unit stereo and speakers.
A friend of mine is giving me an Alpine amp sup and speakers.
My question is if I can fit those to my headunit in irder not to loose the factory look and remotes?
Thanks guys!
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Yes you can mate, you will also need to buy an RCA converter (as the Renault HU's don't have the red and white outpout plugs) This converter takes the sound waves from the speaker wire and converts it into RCA plug in. I've done it!!
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er why woudl you, you have nice shiney new amp which is all good, but your still using a shitty stock hu as the source which will be bilge.
The best setup is only as good as the weakest link and with a stock hu its pretty weak. Save the dosh youd spend on a convertor towards a half decent hu
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But to start you off getting one of these converters is great. Only costs about £10. Search for RCA converter made by autoleads