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Clio 182 RB and Fiesta ST MP215 Spirit Blue

  RB 182 195bhp
I don't post many threads on here, but me and a friend went out for a little drive Tuesday night as it was nice and warm. As both cars were relatively clean and I had just put on my new Renault sport badge we decided to take a few pics, enjoy:











I'm really impressed with the new Fiesta ST, it seems to do everything just right, my friend loves it and I can see why.

Matt W

ClioSport Club Member
  Suzuki Jimny
Ah the standard driving position for a ST owner. One hand on the top of the wheel rudeboi etc. complete with illegal numberplate.

Tidy cars though!
  RB 182 195bhp
Thanks for the comments :)

Very nice. They both look immaculate!

how did the st compare to the 182?
The 182 has cat cams and a few other breathing mods, only had a play with the fiesta before the mountune and it was even once the clio was above 5k rpm, with it having a very slight edge above 6k, but as you'd expect the fiesta is miles faster at lower revs. If you were coming out of a slow corner the Fiesta would be gone before the Clio got into its stride to be fair.
Since the mountune package the ST pulls quite a lot harder through 3rd and above gears, while first and second seem much unchanged. Id imagine this is to save the gearbox. It also makes a slightly louder induction and recirc noise which is nice. It sounds pretty nice but the exhaust note from the outside is hugely disappointing. The sooner Mountune bring out a system the better.
The Fiesta is, surprisingly, firmer sprung than the Clio and not a lot heavier so its pretty agile, seems to handle roughly the same as the 182, if a little more composed.
Clio is a little better on fuel than the fiesta, but the main appeal is in the finish on the Fiesta, the seats are brilliant, the steering wheel is small and the rack is quick. Same story with the gearbox, small precise throws and it all just feels really nice.
Another thing I really like is the way the power comes on the ST's, it feels almost N/A, there is no spikey boost peak, and it doesn't drop off right up to the redline.
  RB182cup&golf gti
I've found the 182 and ST fuel consumption are very similar. 47mpg is optimistic, my trip is showing 35-36 over 2k miles which is good given the performance.
  RB 182 195bhp
They are every similar, but back to back with the same driving on the same roads the Clio is 1 or 2 mpg better. I get around 33-34, he gets more like 32. Not anything noticeable in it, but worth mentioning I thought


ClioSport Club Member
I'm guessing the rude boi stance means he has a lead foot.

What colour are your Turinis supposed to be? They look weird. You also need to get some standard diamonds, they ruining the car.

I do love RB though, it's a stunning colour.

Also sits a tad high?
  RB 182 195bhp
He isn't a "rude boi" it's just an unlucky photo. He drives it as you would expect, sometimes normal, but once it's warm he gives it some stick occasionally. It's a hot hatch after all.
Springs are only a 20mm drop from standard, so yeah quite high. I had a 172 cup on coil overs before hand and don't fancy the rough, choppy ride again as it's only a road car. It drives nicely, that's all that matters.
With regard to the badges, I agree, they were badly sprayed when I got it, but on inspection one of the pins has snapped off in the casing, is there anyway to get this out? Or should I buy a whole new assembly. Also not sure on how to remove the rear diamond. The guy who had it before had crap limo tints and black wheels when I got it, slowly removing the crap from it.
Turini's aren't supposed to be any colour , just silver. They change in different lights as they have a lot of flake in the finish, sometimes they look grey, others they look amazing silver metallic.
  RB 182 195bhp


That was it when I brought it, personally I think I've improved it. Bullets looked horrific before also.


ClioSport Club Member
Those wheels are horrific tbf. I think the problem with the wheels is the sprayer/powder coater has done what most do, use cheap high power silver, they always look poor.


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  RB 182 FF,1.2 16V
Great pics & two brilliant cars!
Both brilliant colours with the cliosport the best!
  RB 182 195bhp
Those wheels are horrific tbf. I think the problem with the wheels is the sprayer/powder coater has done what most do, use cheap high power silver, they always look poor.
Genuinely the first negative comment I've ever received on the wheels. Personally I like them, fair enough if you don't though.
  RB 182 195bhp
The wheels that are poor are the team dynamics not the turinis.
Ahh, sorry my mistake.
Yer they were pretty badly kerbed, extremely flat finish and had a lot of baked on brake dust. I prefer turini's anyway, although I like the look of 15" td1.2's in silver.