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Clio 197 cup - Journey to time attack


Wales - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Been a while since i updated this

Had a successful track day at Castle Combe the other week, car felt great and a lot was learnt but there's a few changes I need to do in the suspension, definitely need stiffer springs coming into the new year.

Got some much needed tuition off of a friend of mine which helped me improve through out the day also.
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My girlfriends first time out on track as well, brave enough to tackle combe for her first time driving the car, and on a live track! smashed it, and i'm sure she'll be joining me out on a couple more to learn the car also.
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Been in talks with Fulcrum Motorsport recently, and I've decided to put a deposit down on a cage and get that done over winter. Also have a few other ideas of what i want to get done to make sure the car is safe and reliable (as much as you can get a French car to be anyway)

I had my license starter pack come through the other day also, so I have some revision to get done and my license to be sorted at the end of this year / the start of the new year ready for the season.
I will be entering Time Attack in the new year as my main series, as well as the odd Hot hacth series / Road series races by 750MC.

Hi friend ;)

Good times that was, glad to see you're pushing to get racing.
Anything I can do to help, just ask and you know I'll help where I can!

P.S Remember you can brake way later than you think!


South East - Herts/London
ClioSport Area Rep
Went to snetterton today, tried to get a final track day out the way

what a wet wet wet day that was, had a couple of spins; caused a small bit of damage to the side skirt but nothing bad

as the day went on the drier the track got, so that was good to be able to feel the cars potential again!
Apart from that, a pretty standard track day! No red flags, one yellow, couldn’t have been better


South East - Herts/London
ClioSport Area Rep
So after a long think recently, and with my mental health taking a large turn over the past two months.
time attack is being out on hold, I’ll be doing the odd single round entry, so I won’t be completely out of it, but not as I wanted too.
Having time attack lingering has been adding to the stress recently that I haven’t needed.
so it’s back to building the car to my specs and track days all year with the odd time attack entry.
Also needing a new car, and life coming into play a lot more as of late, everything started to have to take a bit more of a back burner.

the car build will continue as normal tho! 😄


South East - Herts/London
ClioSport Area Rep
Couple of jobs completed yesterday.

Finished painting the cup racer tow eye and got that back to good condition on the car, as well as stripping 5kg worth of sound deadening out the car as well, every little helps towards the end goal!


Apologies for the s**t pics!



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South East - Herts/London
ClioSport Area Rep
Done some digging. Turns out it’s the radiator / hose that’s caused the leak this time and not the water pump
Starting to lose love with the car recently, small issues keep popping up and it’s really demotivating!