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Clio 3 front lower wishbones

  Clio Dynamique S 06
Hi guys and girls,

I have a 06 1.5dynamique s and have just been quoted £800 to repair it for the mot :eek: Its all fairly standard stuff, perished arb boots, perished balljoint boot on the lower wishbones etc. The bulk of this price is the changing of the front lower wishbones, at around £450... This, they say, is because the whole subframe has to be dropped out to get the wishbones off. Is this a reasonable price? Why would any engineer design a wishbone that was so hard to get off?? Annoyingly I have the skills and equipment to do mechanical jobs myself but I needed this done while I am on holiday :( if they are talking bull ill stop them from doing the job though!

Thanks for any feedback

  2007 clio dynamique
Nothing suprises me with renault these are the people that make changing a headlight bulb the most difficult job in the world