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Clio Cup 172 Track Prepared - ODB Wiring Location - Immobiliser Fault

  Clio 172 Cup
Hi, Have a Clio Cup 172 2003 (53) prep'd for the track, popped an engine which was replaced and all checked out.

Engine started fine and all was well. Thanks to COVID was left stored for over a year and on coming back to her last week discovered a faulty battery that had run down and when replaced a constant red immobiliser light. Engine turns over but cuts after a few seconds. Tried the usual ignition on for 30 mins, on + lights, hold key then on, etc etc. No joy.

The constant red light suggests a return fault that is stopping the immobiliser from giving the all clear to start?

Which brings me onto the next issue. Since the car is stripped out totally, and most electrical sacrificed ( front lights, interior etc) I just can't locate the ODB to make a reading. The wiring strip-out was done by a contractor and its possible it was removed all together or the extension that would have sent it down to the console disconnected. I realise this might not have been best practice... obs.

Can somebody please help identifying the ODB from the loom? There are a lot of wires bundled up and sealed away so knowing what the extension connection or the colour cluster of wires might be will greatly help.

If anybody also knows how to get rid of the constant red on the immobiliser and therefore short-cut the whole ODB reading that would be amazing. I'm possibly resigned to a an ECU/ ECH/ New Key combo from eBay if I get nowhere but suspect the constant red light is telling me something important that might be a constant no matter what I do.