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Clio Cup-Advice on Buying

Hi all,

Thinking of buying a Cup v.soon - any advice on best place to go ? what are the lead times ? Discounts ? recommendations please........Oh and what are they Like !!?

Thanks a lot

drop me an e-mail and i will see what i can do.">

i got a grand off mine you see :)

Its rubbish - very basic and unless u live on a track dont bother - its great for the shopping runs - Id buy a 172 though, slower, but more toys if u really need aircon, and ABS - dearer unless u get an import, more choice of colours as well. Not very many cups left though, 74 at the last count, so if u want a bit of exclusivity go for the cup then - its less common than a standard 172. As there cahnging the clio next year , apparently there wont be another run of the initial 500 UK CUPs - me dealer said itll be available for 1 year from its launch in July (so that would be July 2003 then) Id go for one from that perspective - 2nd hand cup vs 2nd hand 172 in a years time - I know which Id be more attracted too...............just my humble opinion

I understood there was no limit whatsoever on the Cups - Renault are manufacturing them as long as they can sell them is wot I heard???
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Me too. Renault are not daft - if people want them theyll keep shipping them. They got burned on this limited edition stuff with the Williams - I doubt theyll put themselves in that position again.
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Yep dont believe the rubbish about the Cup being exclusive and limited to 500!!! Was at my dealer the other day looking for some mats, they had 5 Cups is stock 3 already sold. They are selling considerably more cups than standard 172s. There are already more cups than normal 172 round here. And the 500 run was the initial build, they wanted to see how it would sell and since they are selling like hotcakes there are lots more to come!!! And thats from the horses mouth!!!

Seems Renault dealers are confused then - the clio is to be replaced in July next year -therefore production of this shape clio will end and the new one will start so how many cups do you think theyre gonna make in the next 6 months ??? Theyre probably starting the new version of the clio in January ! So the general opinion here is that theyre gonna keep producing the cup alongside the new clio - yeah right! Common sense guys - how many 172 Exclusives did they make ??? That came out right at the end of the 1272 Mk 1 production run. Like I said before the cup will be available as part of the Renault Sport range for 1 YEAR FROM RELEASE - and THAT is straight from the horses mouth - the only way ull be able to buy a cup once its production run is finished and the new clio is released is as a second hand car!! I must try and order a MK 1 172 to see if that s possible now??? Oh, but u cant it was replaced by the Mk2 which is replaced by the Mk3 in July.................jeeezzz
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CUPSIZE I think you missed my point! All I was saying is that there will be more than 500 for sale!

Look at it this way...500 cups sold in 2 months if as you say there is a new Clio out next year there is still plenty of time for a lot more to be sold.

As for 2nd hand value I doubt whether the Cup or the std 172 will be fetching any more than expected.

I hear Tetleys are having their name on the Cup for the next batch - 172Tetleys !! Comes with a free limited edition Tetleys Cup and a years supply of Tea --uuummmmm - sort of like the clioMTV and extreme......!