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Clio CUP - Delivery delays

Has anyone heard of any delays to the delivery of the Cup to dealers, or has anyone taken delivery???

Reason being that mine was supposed to arrive last Friday for PDI etc and now they do not know when it will arrive. Apparently the delays have been to a part the needs to be fitted in the UK. Also they believe this is also for all 172s that are delayed.

Anyone know???

My delivery date is early October but that could be because it has to go further to Northern Ireland after it reaches England!! I was told that when I left my deposit but havent heard anyhting back about actual delays! Did your dealer ever get you the R-Sport catalogue/Brochure of available upgrades yet?

mine was originally scheduled for the 7th sept but then was put pack to the 15th and now the 21st. i asked the supplying dealer where the car was and they first told me that the ship due to bring the cups over had broken down and that they would have to wait while it was repaired. i was told the cars were on the docks in dieppe collecting salt. the next time they put back the date, they told me it was still at the factory so one of them is telling porkies.

as far as i know, theyre due to arrive about the 18th in this country and then pdis and all that.

ill let you know if i find out any more.




i have the cup brochure with available options, none of which relate to engine as yet. the options listed in my brochure are (from memory).

racing seats
carbon metallic brake pads
2 types of roll cage

there may have been one other but i cant remember and dont have the brochure to hand.


  Nissan R35 GT-R

Mine was due to meet me on the 17th, but has now been put back until the 20th of this month. I have a strong feeling there will be at least one other delay though

My Dealer (Digbeth, Birmingham), has literally just phoned me and said I should have it on the 24th of this month. I was supposed to have it on the 4th, then it was put back to the 16th - what a ball ache!!!!

The car I am replacing the CUP with is sold and is going on the 27th to its new owner. Therefore I need a car for the 28th onward as I will not commute into the City of London in the Impreza (twin plate clutch a mare in town traffic) or the Elise as its really lumpy and you dont want to play with 38 ton artics or white-van men in it!!!

Soooo, if its not ready for the 28th with Speedlines dipped White, then ive told the Renault dealer to piss off and ill buy something else,,,, dont know what else though,,, maybe a Ford Racing Puma for about 14K, quite a few in Autotrader. I need a commuting car so itll be unlucky for Renault if I dont have it by the 28th!!!!

Tim172cup - I am also called Tim and am also soon to have a 172cup - now thats spooky - are u sure u r not me??

Just phoned my dealer who said I should be expecting mine on the 16th. He has heard of no delays and that I should still keep that date free. Dont think hed lie as he is a mate of mine.

Insurance.. Naaah cheap!!
£1030 Impreza
£930 Elise
£940 Clio Cup.

More money than sense my mother says, but I have no money!!!!!!!!
  Clio v6

"My name is Tim to but i only have a bogo 172 "

Bogo as in "bog standard"? With air con, leather, multi CD, thick glass, abs, etc etc...

Bogo sounds good to me
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

For all the people buying a cup..

I applaud you guys who have bought the Cup, Standing by your guns all the way through while other make comments on why they wouldnt buy it, or what a waste of money. Good on Ya ! Hope you enjoy them like a do every time I turn the key on my 172 and take it for a drive.


Cheers Ivan - but were not really that worried about the criticism, after all every one does it - were just looking forward to getting the damn things - me in particular because over here in Northern Ireland there is about half a dozen 172s and thats it!!! So they are very rare here, and the Cup will be even Rarer as most of them have been sold in England, Wales and Scotland!!!
Every knows the feared 172!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I love it when you get in the car turn the key and then take it for a serious drive. BTW as GirlRacer has said before when I was waiting for my car for 6 weeks... The waiting is half the fun !

Waiting is half the fun??!! Are you mental!!? Maybe its me then as Ive been waiting since the 2nd of July for this darn car and I canny takes no more!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

The best things come to he who waits


I had to wait all in all about 3 month or my 172. I ordered it and got the date two months from the order date.

When it came round to it the car was in the inpound and got broken into and the interior stollen. I then had to wait another 4 weeks for the car to trun up. However I did get compensation from it

have spoken to the renault dealer today and my delivery has been put back again. Was 26th 6th oct. Ordered it 5th aug. Anyone heard any more?

Theres one sat at Renault Cardiff looking all sad and waiting for someone to love it. There was another in the car park too.


ClioSport Admin
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Remember that some people (in the early days of this forum and the mailing list that preceeded it) has to wait over 6 months to get their 172s. 1 guy had to wait 9 months!!!

Mine has been delayed 1 week , delivery date now is 7Th October..

My Mate who is an RTE at the garage has seen a technical document sent to the dealers saying that the delay is due to a part on the front brakes....

I sold my car 3 weeks ago, and have to put up with th inlaws 1.2 nova

Just thought I would let anyone know whos interested in a Cup in Esssex area, Toomey Renault in Basildon have just got their Cup in, so you can go down and have a look, also my Dad has said that all Cups are delayed for delivery due to a minor fault being fixed by Renault on all cars..

mines been put back again too, now its the 30th sept:-<

maybe i should just get an import 172 instead, i dont know if i can cope with driving a nova for much longer!