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Clio Cup... driven! :)


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Well, as I said a few days ago, my mates Dad owns our local Renault Dealership (handy) and they got a Cup in stock on Monday.

Just been down now to see it (again) and driven it!

This thing is brand spanking new and had done a mere 24 miles when I drove it and it was still on trade plates, so is fresh and *was* unmolested !

Now, I dunno what Renault have done exactly, but it is as quick now with a brand new/tight engine as a normal 172 is when it is run in!

This aint just a case of shedding a few kgs here, summat else has changed too. I beleive there are some other differences and the ECU is sumat that may mate has heard is different.

It pulls well below the 5k power band too, with plenty of torque. Was doing 80mph in 5th on the motorway and it just went when I acclerated. Better than my mates mk1.

Sooooo... we need to find out *exactly* what is different and my mate is now on the case.

However, this is the bit youre gonna be interested in...

Next week, we are getting the Cup, a 51 plate mk2 172, a Y Reg mk1 172 and a Y Reg V6 Clio and taking all 4 of them "somewhere" to do back-to-back comparisons of the 4 variants!

Well all be driving all 4 cars and then well get an idea of just how different they actually are in both performance and drivability/handling terms.

Watch this space...

p.s. Captain - You wanna come along?!
  Williams 2, STi N12

Aha, but you havent got the Mk2 V6 have ya, no sirree. Wait till you get a rip in that.

Good work though chap, thats what we like.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Nope its a mk1 V6, but there is only 10bhp difference in the new V6 so Ive been told.

Is yours a mk1 Anders? I assume it is?!

Gonna be fun tear @rsing round in the 4 different versions and interesting to see how different 4 very similar cars are probably gonna be to drive.

Cant wait to do it now...

I have called the Cup first though

Im hopefully going to test drive cup on Sat, so will let you know what I think. Problem is I dont own a standard 172, so its going to seem amazing to me. Ive test driven several times mk1s and 2s before so that might give me some idea.

Our local dealer has mk1 & 2 second hand so I might ask to drive both just to compare to cup.

Im also gonna test drive one on Saturday. I went to see one on the show room on Wednesday and was impressed with the looks. If it is as quick as my Williams (which i suspect it will be) then I will seriously consider the purchase.


I am the Clio Brand Manager for Renault. The Cup definately has no engine changes. The performance difference is due to the weight saving, 89kg less. On a car weighing 1100kg it is a significant amount. Glad you like it !
Evo in their next issue feature a Clio comparison around the Bedford Autodrome. The Cup was quicker by 2 seconds compared to a standard 172.

What a test drive (Im still shaking now)!

I was the first person to put the miles on it and give it some serious whelly. By the way I did about 17 miles in so had a good run.

Three of us in the car, me, girlfriend and the sales guy (who is 6".6 and built like a monster).

This thing flew like a rocket with three of us on board, when taking roundabouts/bends their is no roll and the suspension just soaks up all the bumps so youre not bouncing all over the place. I thought the seating position was really comfortable and even the bench in the back was good.
Steering was very quick and direct and you can feel all corners of the car biting into the tarmack through the bends. Felt great, and the sound is good too. I thought it might be really loud but it doesnt seem that different from standard. You can he more of the exhaust than before.

At the end of the drive we spoke to a young renault mechanic who owns a 172 and he thinks they have done several engine adjustments or something after he checked it over in the garage. The mapping adjusted???, adjusted value timings, something else to the inlet manifold and a few others I cant remember. Oh and a modified airbox and somthing to do with the throttle linkage or something.

It was cool driving around as you could see people looking at it while sitting in traffic as I drove passed them. Should be expecting my Cup in 4 weeks time, so if anybody wants to meet up and have a look feel free. 5 minute rides charged at £5!!!

Saw a Silver V6 clio as well but didnt see the reg as the bloke flew through the traffic to quickly.

Going for a cold shower now.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Joe -

Yeah, I forgot you had the AP mate, so deffo bring it along!

We think itll be either Tuesday or Wednesday night, well see about the weather.

I will let you know though.