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Clio Cup Engine Noise at Fulll Throttle

  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

I have to admit as the shift light comes on in my clio @ about 6800-7000 rpm I get a really distinctive rattling sound from the engine. Its not like a clank clank clank style noise, its more of a metallic rattle from the engine - I pressume this is normal as its always sounded like that. What is it though?!
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

At about 140mph ish in the Cup the shift light comes on in 5th... very amusing. :D

Now wheres that V6 gearbox got to.......
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Its not really a rattling, more of a metallic noise on full throttle. Wish I had a way of recording it. Its right at the peak in the rev range its a very strange noise!
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Pulsing sqeak could be it - i usually have the window open when I really nail it cos its sounds so nice. 3 months on - I still love the standard induction roar!

Im gonna ask my mate whos got one and see if his is the same. Might just pop into Renault and ask about it too. Thanks for the advice people. Im really beginning to like this forum. Youre all a good bunch of peeps.
  320d M Sport

that rattling is more than likely a loose dash, was on mine, fixed it in 1 min with me screwdriver! Never had it since!
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Oh yeah rev limitter light is on - it happens when the light is on - say after a second or so, and the needle is right up there just about to go into the red - sounds well kewl!

Tried it tonight, windows down - sounds healthy. I think i may have a slight dash rattle as well to compliment it LOL. SO might need that screwdriver paddy!! LOL

Quote: Originally posted by Si172 on 11 July 2003

At about 140mph ish in the Cup the shift light comes on in 5th... very amusing. :D

Now wheres that V6 gearbox got to.......
Had mine at 145mph and no shift light came on???? Is mine fecked?
  Suzuki SV1000S

Mine doesnt come on, at 140 will have to try and go faster, lol to see if I can get it to come on. Fitted a K&N though and it sounds f***ing amazing, bloody loud and the whistle turns to a burble. Feels like there isa little bit more torque too!

Si172 - I get the same vibration/buzz, sounds a little like loose stones rattling around. I thought it came from the eingine too but , I think its actually from the exhasut as having stripped the back out its more noticable as coming from behind.

Also there is a vibration from what sounds like inside the glovebox at about 3950 rpm, dont know if anyone else gets that?
  VW Potato

lower your rear seats. remove the parcel shelf. Now go for a run. Is it more noticeable and coming from the back of the car? If so, its just the exhaust rasping away. And its lovely.