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Clio Cup - Have a chosen right

Ive just ordered a Clio Cup, have i a made the right choice?

I thought about goin for the Pug 206 180, but after testin the Gti was not impressed with the handlin.

Any u guys out there got a Cup?
  Nissan R35 GT-R

I got one nearly 3 weeks ago and it has really opened up my eyes to what a fun car is. I thought the faster the better, far less regard for handling, chassis set-up etc than what I have now.

The 172 (and 172 Cup) really are a complete package. They are so fun and involving to drive, quicker than 99% of cars youll meet on the road, and best of all, its as smooth and bearable as my 1.2 Clio in traffic and town driving.

I have never once questioned my decision to by the Cup.

Im sure you will feel the same.