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Clio Cup - How long b4 delivery

Ordered a Cup about a week ago and was told it would take about 8 weeks to arrive.

How long did u guys out there have to wait?

8 weeks is oh so long.

I had to wait 3 months for mine but only because I could not be arsed to travel to get one. Theres one advertsied on the autotrader website for 12 grand....brand new. Thats a big saving on the retail and would be more than worth the petrol!

Well what are you doing reading this?? Off you pop...

12 weeks approx for ours but then again I ordered before the release as did alot of the others guys on here - u should be able to pick one up from one dealer somewhere in the Country?

i was well chuffed, the nice bloke sorted mine out in no time! the del;ivery date kept gettin sooner! my car only finished gettin built early last week!! and i got it yesterday!!!!!!!!!!! AM I HAPPY!!!!!!!!

thats about a 2 1/2 week turn around!!!!!