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Clio cup M.O.T issues!!!!

  182/ 172 Cup
Hi, i took my cup in for a MOT today and i had two problems, the indicators flash too fast, there isnt any bulbs gone so....where is the unit located that would cause the issue??? any ideas??

Also the rear brakes were recording very very low readings (both even but low)
the car has sat for 2/3 years, would a bleed help? i fitted new pads and the calipers were not seized or anything.


  Alpine GTA Turbo+182
Check the wattage of the bulbs. They should be 21W front and rear + 5W in the side repeaters. If the wattage is too low they will flash faster.
  182/ 172 Cup
Yeah i did take that and they accept it but they said that they still think its lower than should be? Would a bleed be a good idea considering the fluid has sat for 3 years?
Im new to the cups so dont no what to expect, i had a 182 before this.

cheers kris :)