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Clio CUP questions

I suppose this is more directed to people who have test drove the clio cup.. i am in the process of buying a new car ...have 15k to spend... i was going to get a CTR ..but i want to give myself more options .... should i consider the cup ...have anyone drive both and compared ??? how are the brakes on the cup (without ABS) ??? are there any options to upgrade the front seats ???


racing seats are on the options list for the cup, not sure what type they are. im just gonna wait and see if the standard ones are as bad as reputed.


i have no price at the mo, will enquire if theyre crap. i havent driven one at all. my mate has a phase 1 172 and that was enough to convince me.


nothing has been released about prices for the seats or any of the performance mods that are meant to be available for the Cup and that dont invalidate your warranty.

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Depends what you want really. If you like speed and comfort then get a import 172. If you like just speed and a bumpy ride, get a Cup!

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  Renault Laguna Coupe

Ive sat in the seat of a 172 cup and it was fine! I think this is one of those things thats grown out of all proportion. The seat is exactly the same as a standard 172, but covered in fabric rather than leather / alcantra. Changing it would be a long way down my list of mods.