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Clio Cups beats Focus RS!

Dont want to rub it in and start an argument off but the Cooper S beats the cup in this months Top Gear magazine.
At the end of the day it is each to his/her own.

Focus RS, nice performance, but its a focus...nuff said!

when you think of your other options at that price, civic type R for one.
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Evo also has that 206gti 180 which looks pretty nice but my current fave is the Golf R34 I must have one!!!

I agree with geordiepaul, I wanna Golf R32. Focus RS is very well specd but the Golf if more classy.

saw a Focus RS on the road the other day for the first time and i have to say it didnt stand out at all.subtle is always nice but it seems a bit too subtle.

the focus RS is nothing like its older brothers. the engine spec may have even cossie owners drooling (even in standard trim!) but the cars still built for the rich git that wants aircon and power steering.

also ford made a horendous mistake with the transmission, i mean who puts FWD on a car with 200+bhp in stock trim?!

you run a standard saphCos (RWD or 4WD) against the FWD Focus (both have almost equaly matched power/weight) and the Saph will win every time... the focus is too busy playing with either traction control or putting out the flames from his tyres whilst the cos is crossing the 1/4m barrier.

oh, and before you say "but a cosworth is too powerfull to compare to a normal 2LT" the only real difference between the quality of the engine build (and its tuneblilty) in the 2 cars is that one has COSWORTH stamped on the top and the other doesnt. the new ford engines are much more pokey than they were back in 83 when the YB came out.
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Ive seen the Focus RS in person at the ring last year and it is a very nice looker. The interior is especially nicely put together. I didnt sit in it but it sure looked nice from the outside.
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saw a Focus RS on the road the other day for the first time and i have to say it didnt stand out at all.

Hype .. How did you notice it was an RS then?
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i dont think a RS can be compared to a 172, a RS is more in the scooby sector.
I read an article the otherday in a mag where they rated the RS better than an escort cossie. People on here say at the end of the day its a focus, but the focus is probably the best handling family car on the road, with all the RS treatment. Like it or not Ford make very good cars. Also at the end of the day the 172 is just a clio. And theres starting to be a little to many 172s on the road now for my liking. Ford are only making 2000 RSs

I dont think we can rate our little car agaist these machines, just my opinion.

The Focus RS is a great car, there was no mistake putting 200bhp through the fronts - hence a £5000 quaife diff as standard

The reason for it not being a 4x4 is that this platform was too expensive to make 4x4 - thats reserved for the next platform and the focus cosworth - due for 2005.

The clio is a good car in its own right, and quick, but is not meant as opposition for the RS - theyre in different classes.


BTW the focus RS is slower than the cossies to 60, as it is just FWD, but its quicker than an escort cossie to 100 - and its effectively a modern day escort turbo, not a cossie


with a few mods a 172 would be as fast as the focus RS, evo mag has it down as 14.6 1/4 mile, a slightly modified 172 can do that, it may have 212bhp but it weighs 1278kg 169bhp/ton

Was playing around with a focus rs the other day(left hand drive model) in my 911 turbo, the focus is a very nice car. He was rtrying to race me ,I was just cruising in fifth, stuck behind him, almost stalling, while he was flat out, he moved over and I floored it and pulled away from him like he was just parked up, didnt even see him in my mirror after that.
There are cars out there people (like mine)that will kill yours without breaking sweat, I know from experience when attemting to race a macclaren F1 road car in my turbo (fu&*ing hell). It just killed me and my porche does 0-100 in less than 10 secs!

Theres no way on gods earth a cup would touch a focus RS - not currently for sale (far as im aware first deliverys and in a few weeks) - so amazing how many people have seen them!!!

ANYWAY - brings me on to the other thing i read the other day. Clio Cup stopping distance - its SH!T (and yes it deserves the capitals) - over 60 metres from 70mph. This is really really bad - 15 metre longer than the mini Ss. 15 metres is at least a couple of cars - you just ploughed through...

Not that i reackon you should buy a mini - because er... well... youve seen them (women exluded of course...)


I take it you havent seen the in gear times in EVO? Theyre surprisingly close, low down the cup seems to have some advantage! Why do you think a Cup couldnt touch it?

Weyland me thinks you stretch the truth a bit.
The Focus was flat out and you were stalling and then he just moves over and you fly past.
The Focus will do 140, you must be one different Porker driver as most I try to bait dont ever want to know. And Ive never had one wanting to go over 150 before just pulling over (maybe thats all it had)

RJS - there are some 172 Cups for sale! I saw one with my own eyes at Renault Cardiff yesterday afternoon. Go fetch!

Focus RS is a lovely machine in my opinion and is very different from something like a 172 Cup. For starters its about two feet longer!

Im not going to go into it much, but its unlikely to please the fans of the senior Ford performance generations of cars - much in the same way that the R32 Golf will not go down well with the MK1 GTi/Campervan/Karman Ghia crew.

Ben - i was refering to the Focus RS - not the cup


Teady - Focus 0-60 in 6s & you say the cup has a chance? Surely not?

HI Rapid Oneor should I say ill-informed one. Ok, let me get three things straight.When I said the focus was flat out I meant it, I started behind it at 80 mph and he floored it, got up to about 130(kept looking in his mirror, laughing)then decided to pull over, probably because he was frustrated at being tailgaited(remember he floored it first).
Secondly, my car can do 175-180mph, it has 450 bhp and it has a chassis efficiency that is primed to take advantage of every single bit of power(unlike the focus rs or your cosworth.I used to have a non-4wd cossie 5 years ago and my porsche is on a different planet in terms of speed to that, in any gear!)
Thirdly, you obviously try to race 450 bhp porche turbos all the time then, considering you know SO MUCH about how slow they are.
Dont EVER make brainless boy racer comments like you must be different to all the other porker drivers ive met, who dont want to know etc... You dont know them, you dont know me, who are you to make comments like that!
Understand this boy racer, do you have any idea how fast my car is compared to a focus rs?I can do 0-100 in 9 seconds, seven seconds quicker than it, I can accelerate from 80-140 at least 10 secs quicker than it.
By the way, porker drivers dont want to embarass you by blipping the accelerator, theres your answer to that puzzle.BY your logic , a standard cosworth isnt much faster than an st24 mondeo.

Rant Over
Bye Bye

Hmmm I would have to agree with Weyland. Most if not all porkers new or old with do over 150mph. But if I had that kind of moeny I would rather have the 996 GT3 , I think its called that. Its was built in limited numbers, not as fast as the Turbo but I think a better car


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I aggree with Weyland too. I got completely TOASTED by a Porsche 911 Turbo (400+bhp version): as i came up beside him at about 80, my bro looked over at him and he smiled back at us, and reached over into my car, selected reverse and vanished into the distance! astonishing! Ive never been toasted by so much before!
  172 sport,

lmfao sellected reverse and vanished in the distance
i know that feeling and its not good
172 vs evo ?
although he didnt select reverse in my car i think he jumped out at the lights and put me car up on blocks and nicked me wheels then dissapeard b4 id let the clutch up


I truely do not know how EVO managed a time of 5.9 to 60 and 14.9!!! to 100.

Autocar managed 6.3 to 60 and 16.4 to 100, hardly leagues apart!!

Cup - 6.5 to 60 and 16.9 to 100!

Focus RS isnt out yet ( released in october) so no one will have raced an offical one yet.

obviously the porsche is faster, but why the need to say it, its a bit like me going on about how i can whoop a saxo vtr

Theres a bit of a price difference between a new porsche and a new focus RS - theyre not exactly in the same class are they? Shouldnt you be saying about beating TVRs and stuff? just my opinion.....!

A standard Focus will beat a standard cup, but again, theyre not in the same class anyway, theyre both nice cars in their own class.

Speed isnt everything aswell you know - mmmmm sparcos!


well, actually - the focus RS has more torque per pound than the standard escort cossie, and to be honest with the quaife diff its running wouldnt need 4wd to get all the power down on the road. more so in 1st and second the car will only let u have 177LB torque, dump the clutch at 4k, and the car will just accelerate like an 4wd system.

in a straight line the focus has all the cooper s/clio cup and new scooby - it is the fastest hothatch on the market (or will be when its released) (bloody should be for 20k).

round the twisties the cup and the cooper has the advantage - but only of very slight and the RS can just about keep up with the cup. for me that has no bearing as i hate driving twisties and rarely drive on them (low 19 16Vs on 17s just cant handle the bumps lol)

plus the potential of power under the bonnet is truely amazing. unleashing the horses from the already sweet 212bhp/200LB FT of torque can only be one hell of a feeling.

it also outlooks all the others it was tested against. personally the only one for me that comes close to beating it in the looks dept. would be a pearl black p2 172....again even slower than the cup.

where as the civic type r has to rev so high to gain real power, making it useless on brit roads unless ur around at 2 in the morning. that and the slightly tacky interior doesnt really do much for me.

lol anyway the forcus rs rocks - roll on release day

as for the porker comments of 9 secs to 100 - who cares, ur driving a supercar for gods sake - its should be hitting those times, maybe u need to be on the supra forum or something having a race with some 1000bhp top secret jobbie from the far east.


Chun, the 996 GT3 is not a ltd edition car as such, we have about 200 here in, not very Ltd.

and it is a good car, but nothing more than a slightly striped out carerra. Its got teh same 3.6ltr 360bhp motor as most of the range, anda few chassis tweeks.

the TURBO is SO much faster!!!
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I ran a Focus 1.8 Zetec for 2 years, and other than the lack of power, I have to say that it is one of the best cars I have ever had.

When I bought the Clio, I looked at the ST170 and was a little dissapointed with the performance, but loved the looks. However, I am finding the Clio a little too small for me (although I would be loathed to sell it) and I will be looking at a Focus RS as a replacement. We shall see in October, when I get my new car allowance from work....

Maybe I can have both;)

Can everyone please count from:

0 - 0.3 secs

0 - 0.6 secs

etc etc

0-60 times by 172, Cup, RS Focus, valver, V6 means nought on the open road or traffic light dash - unless u can recognize a 0.3 sec lead!!! European cars to Jap cars - thats when the differnce is noticable - Ill keep up with a Focus RS no bother and Im sue a lot of 172 owners will as well - all the mags have tested the RS and Cup and Cooper etc and theyve all been in around the same 0-60. The Focus has a top speed of 143mph, 5/6 more than the cup - BIG TIT. 172 owners on this forum have seen 140s in their 172s I believe.

its a much of a muchness or 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.......

Isnt it nice to see so many posts supportive of the fact that it dont make a terrific difference on the road....... unless there is a HUGE difference in power / torque / weight :)

It will be interesting to reference this thread to the next I toasted an XYZ type post......


Hi, I agree with all comments about my porsche being out of context here, but if youll read the rapids ones comments, I was just replying to someone who was suggesting porche turbos were not much faster than a focus rs.

Also, talk about the kettle calling the pot black!......You all talk about my porsche turbo being a supercar cause of its speed/price, well stop going on so much about the focus rs then, as it costs 8 grand more than the sport 172 and most of you on this forum can only dream about owning it.

Bye Bye
  clio 20v

oh dear who let the porche driver on

im just off to the robin reliant forum to tell them that my cars much faster than theres and theyve never be able to afford one

ok we know youve got a nice car and id really like one but do you need to tell everyone about it to boost your ego!

That was my point exactly about the Focus RS being 2wd and keeping up/beating an escort cossie - it shows how good it is

The fact is small differences in times probably will make a difference - faster is faster, and if something is faster to 60 and 100, its usually faster all through the gears,

A focus RS will beat a cup, but it doesnt mean the cup is a bad car - like i said theyre in different classes and arent meant to be compared. Each to their own at the end of the day :D

Gareth :D

Quote: Originally posted by weyland on 17 September 2002

Also, talk about the kettle calling the pot black!......You all talk about my porsche turbo being a supercar cause of its speed/price, well stop going on so much about the focus rs then, as it costs 8 grand more than the sport 172 and most of you on this forum can only dream about owning it.

Bye Bye

I dont know how you work that out, Just because i decided to buy a 172 does not mean i couldnt afford a more expensive car. peope were saying that the RS is not that much quicker than a standard 172/cup, Once ive finished my modifications the RS will be no problem


I do own a 172 mk 2 cliosport as well as the turbo and agree with the posting about the cooper-s and 172 being the same speed. There really is not that much difference on the road between the 172 and a lot of other reasonable cars. I raced a cougar v6 and a cooper-s today and was only gradually pulling away from the cougar and less so from the mini up to about 110 in 4th and the limiter. After about 70 mph it really is the torque that makes a big difference and the cougar and cooper-s outdo the clio considerably on this count, even though the 172 has superior bhp per tonne output to both.

Maybe the cliosport is now average, whereas 3 years ago it was the king?