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CLIO DCI 100! wanting turbo noise...

  Clio MK2 DCI100
hi has anyone managed to get their dci 100 to do the little flutter/tututuuuu noise at all?
i have heard of someone doing it on their dci65, and someone done it to their dci100 but both arnt wanting to help me out much!

any advice aprreciated!!


ClioSport Moderator
  E55 AMG
Induction kit, straight through exhaust, decat and map the f**k out of it.
  Clio MK2 DCI100
easiest way to decat please guys? the nuts looks pretty rusted up so scared incase i snap them taking it off!
ive already got a cone filter on, is there a way of tightening the wastegate up on them at all?
  Iceberg PH1 172
They do as advertised generally, but no gaurentees on engine life as they fool your ECU with fake values I believe.....

I wouldn't recommend one to anyone personally. A real remap by someone with actual knowledge would be better money spent.

Had one on a Mondeo 2 tdci taxi years ago. Good fun. Revvd like a bstard and black smoke everywhere....


Absolute wetter.
ClioSport Club Member
Tuning boxes just dump extra fuel into the engine, on diesels that will make abit more power.

Generally s**t compared to a proper remap though, you need a load of extra boost to go with that fuel if you want proper power gains.