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  1. Rystar

    1.5dci no start issues

    Hi All, realise I’ve been absent on here for a while but everything has been ticking over well and life taken over until recently. Having some issues with my daily and I’m stuck on it now scratching my head. It’s a long one so apologies in advance… Mk2 DCI 80, had it for about two years and...
  2. R

    MOT time

    Hope everyone is having a good day! My MOT is due in a month and will be sending it in early, I have a dci80 and I dont see any massive problems with the car I know there is the two advisories from last year which was lower ball joint on driver side and an perishing exhaust mount. My issues...
  3. A

    DCi daily love affair

    Hi all, hope I'm putting this in the right place this time ?. just wanted to say hi and start a thread about my daily which was saved from the scrap yard in the sky and now under "project" status. Roll the clocks back to October and my other half came home from work with tales of been given a...
  4. ifti7

    Timing belt or chain?

    Hi everyone I’m looking to buy a Mk3 Clio, it’s a 2010 1.5 DCI dynamique and I forgot to check if it has a chain or a belt when I went to view the car. I texted the dealer and he said it’s a chain and therefore doesn’t need replacing. The car is at 102,000 miles with a full history.
  5. B

    Clio Mk3 washer jet not working

    Hi So a my washers seem to have stopped working. I've filled them up and no luck. When I pull back the stalk a little comes out of the right one, but not enough to reach the screen and nothing out of the left. I can hear the motor, one thing that is strange, if i twist the stalk for it to wash...
  6. Chode Lint

    Master Cylinder O-ring

    *Not sport related* Although I think the master cylinder from my dCi may use the same O-ring as a 172 etc. The master cylinder has been leaking on my daily dCi 100 and has now failed its MOT. I have a spare dCi for parts which I've pulled the MC from, however, the O-ring is shagged on that one...
  7. R

    Clio mk4 DCI

    Hey guys. So I’ve just picked up my second clio (mk3 first car) and am looking to enhance the performance of my mk4 DCI. I’ve noticed that the car tends to roll slightly when cornering so I’m wondering what people would advise with that? Along with any other suggestions on what people would do...
  8. N

    dci 100 fuel pump help!

    anyone know where to send the fuel pumps off the be modded at all? or know a simple way to do it yourself? really needing more poweeeerrrrrrr!
  9. Mazz

    Initiale dCi Daily Project (yes, diesel.)

    welcome to this, rather ordinary, project thread. be aware, I like writing. I thought about this and immediately realized two things: 1) This thread is about a diesel clio, not a sport. 2) being this diesel clio my daily driver, you won't find any infos on welded roll cages, 4 pots calipers...
  10. N

    Mk2 Clio DCI 100 fault codes help!

    Hi could anyone help diagnose these codes by any chance? The only thing I've noticed with the car really is when I plant my foot to the floor and leave it there going through the gears once I get to around 70mph and still going the glow plugs light will come on and I'll get a lack of power for...
  11. Racky

    Tyres - help, advice

    Hi guys, I need to change the tyres on my 1.5 dCi and I am completely bamboozle what to choose. I am looking more after a touring tyre, something that won't wear in 10k miles. Was thinking of Rain Sport 3 or Toyo T1R, but noticed that people say this tyres wear fast. Now I am looking at...
  12. N

    clio dci 100 glow plug light help!

    basically, ive got a small problem which when i boot it on the motorway get the 75-80 thr glow plug light comes on, then if i lift off a sec the light goes out then i can floor it again and itll goto whatever speed i want it too, when the light comes on it lacks power.. its really annoying as...
  13. Y

    Battery choice help

    Hi all. I am in need of a new battery for my 54plate 1.5DCi clio but I have no idea what type I need as they all have different amphour and cca, the battery in the car is of no help as who ever had it before seemed to have taken all the stickers off of it any advice would be appreciated or...
  14. N

    CLIO DCI 100! wanting turbo noise...

    hi has anyone managed to get their dci 100 to do the little flutter/tututuuuu noise at all? i have heard of someone doing it on their dci65, and someone done it to their dci100 but both arnt wanting to help me out much! any advice aprreciated!!
  15. kGitsov

    Intercooler from dCi 100 on dCi 65 and remap

    Hi there guys, I have Clio 2 phase 2 dCi 65 hp and I'm currently searching for another car. This car is going to stay in family garage since it is worthless to sell after years of exploatation and tons of money invested to be in perfect health. Since I'm going to buy another Clio, but this...
  16. J

    Josh's dci

    Well here she is... My dci dynamique! Currently lowered on 40mm springs and a full 182 Sport Interior. Getting a super cheap yellow tint for the fog lights, Looking for an RS grille but they're like 70 quid :o May be getting different wheels soon so any recommendations would be appreciated...
  17. J

    Any love for an old DCi?

    Recently I have been given a Clio 1.5 dci. Its the 65 version, I originally owned a 206 but my mother gave me opportunity to have the Clio whilst she was buying a new golf. I took this opportunity and sold my 206. So I now owned a Renault Clio 1.5 dci 52 plate it sits with 90,000 on the clock...
  18. gstanley

    My new DCI 100 - To rep or not to rep?...

    Evening ClioSport readers. I am back in a Clio, my third one now, I just can't get enough of the little buggers! Had an old 16v dynamique as my first car and absolutely abused the s**t out of the poor thing for about a year until i chopped it in at 120k miles (for a mk4 golf.... not making that...