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clio extreme - running in

does anyone know what the running in preiod is for the extreme 1.2 16v? im guessing the same as the dynamique. any ideas?

also, renault say servicing every 18,000 miles, do u need 1 b4 this - ie first service after 1000 miles or something then 18k thereafter?

theres a safety check on 6k miles, just been in for a 18k service, cheeky b*****d charged me 1.50 on windscreen wash, desipte i filled it up up to the brim yesterday, when question the guy flapped and mutter "erm erm erm we just make it more concentrated for you" , i just laugh to his face and said what a load of b****cks

normally when you take any car in to have it service, they would have clean and hover the car for you, but when i picked it up, the car was unhover, and the funny thing was, its as if the car been clean with a wet cloth, on the top half on the car!!!

a Skoda garage would have had a better service than that!

oh yeah forgot about ur q:oops:, just keep it below 4k rpm for the first 1k miles then feel free to rag it, not that itll make you travel any faster;)

what do u mean

"feel free to rag it, not that itll make you travel any faster;)

i thought they went well for what they are, as quick as a 1.4 206 etc..?

as for the service my dealer have been very good so far, and the guy who runs the place is a freind of a freind

yeah they are quick for what they are, the courtesy car i had reminded me how nippy there were, but mine is slower than your normal 1.2 16v due to heavier wheels

might actually stick my 14s on this winter and go terrorise all this 1.4 206/astra/escort/saxos etc, pretty impressive lists eh



I asked this question, the dealer told me not to bother. I did go above 2.5k revs til after 500miles. My mate who got his a week later didnt bother adn cained it from the start. Weve bother covered 3.5k and niether of us jave any problems. I wouldnt bother now, but for peace of mind 500miles is the max needed. Apparently the engines are already run in, in the factory.

There is no 6K service now. Once you collect it new, it should in an ideal world not visit the delear until 18k.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

id just do it gradually until 500 miles

but IMO 18k miles is FAR too long to wait for a service, id get the oil changed every 6k
  Lionel Richie

I kept it 70mph down the motorway for 400miles then ragged it, no problems. I change the oil every 6-9Kmiles (my oil was BLACK at 6k)