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Clio Hub Size


does anyone know off the top of their head what the hub size is on a 1.2 16v (2005 model) clio? just saves me taking the wheel off in the dark.

spacing sorry... ive been searching and it seems that nearly all 1.2 16v MK2 clios are 58mm... ive been out and measured it too... from the middle of 1 bolt to the middle of the other is 58mm so im guessing that is correct.
i read a post where somebody said you can measure on full lock... which i did an the center of 1 of the bolts to the center of the other is 58mm... is this measuring it correctly? middle-to-middle i mean...
  Chocolate Bar™
yeah that should be right. 58mm was the most common spacing so its prob the case.
thanks edde, saw a post from you stating the same some time ago. I had the wheel off today and its 58mm.