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Clio II Radio wiring modification

  Clio II Campus 2012

I have got a problem with my radio (Pioneer 80prs), always when i switch off the engine, or change a position of a key in ignition, the radio turns off, and turns on.
My radio starts for a long time (boot up, load a memory card and finally play a music).

On Clio III the radio keeps playing until i open a door.

i know that there are two cables to the radio. Red one is + from the battery and yellow one is + from the ignition. I need to get power to the yellow one, and lose power when i open a door.

I have also noticed, that i can move drivers electric window, until i open a door. So maybe it would be possible to connect it to a window relay. But i don't know where it is.

Have somebody dealt with it?
  PH2 RS172
on a brand name aftermarket radio yellow is battery and red is ignition. make sure the yellow is on battery permanent. this keeps your radio settings. the red turns the radio on/off and may be on a timed circuit. you could do with a test light to be sure.

get in the car and shut the door with the radio on and lock it with the remote. if the radio stays on leave it on with the volume down. if within 2 minutes you hear a relay click and it goes off you need to disconnect the red wire and move it to an ignition live that turns off when the key is removed.

this is quite a common thing in citroens. ive not worked on a mk3 clio yet just a megane but that was the same. if there is a fusebox in the car it should have a true ignition wire in it but as i said youll need a test light to be sure
  Clio II Campus 2012
My radio works just fine, keeps settings and so on, i just want it to keep it on, when i switch on the engine and turn it off when open a door.
Now it switch off with the engine