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Clio Insurance

Hi All :D

Do any of you guys know of any good insurance companies to get a painless quote for a Clio 16v. Some places Av looked at were askin over a grand!:eek:

Any advice would be great!

Geoff :cool:

I am real tight when it comes to insurance Geoff.

You could do worse than try, nowhere else could touch em for ins on my Williams. Make sure you do it online though as youll get a further 5% discount.



I just checked direct line for a quote. It was 1297K for me to drive a clio 16v.:mad: . They must pluck figures from thin air! Admiral offerd me £900 and adrian flux was about £850. Anyone else know of some decent insurers?


Im with direct line, they had the best quote for me. But if your a new ( ish ) driver or young, try budget. They might be able to do better. Otherwise just play them off each other.
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3 Points

2 yrs no claims (plus additional 2 yrs bonus)

£1200 Fully Comp

Renault Insurance!!



Quote: Originally posted by Gaz2130 on 14 November 2002


3 Points

2 yrs no claims (plus additional 2 yrs bonus)

£1200 Fully Comp

Renault Insurance!!

you live in bagdad gaz?

thats mental mine is just over £400

(my mum is a second driver maybe that helps, but the policy is in my name.)

yeah thoroughly recommend! through them i am with elephant now.....they gave me the best quote on my modded clio. had to switch from the AA because they couldnt insure me at a reasonable price on my new car because of the mods.

29, full NCB, fully comp, 450!


Hiya! Im 20 with 3 years no claims and Im with Liverpool Victoria- 0800 514514. Ive got a MK1 clio rsi 16v and the insurance Im paying for that is £512 fully comp-all mods declared. Ive also got a heavily modified corsa, which is soon to be getting a 2.0 16v into it and the quote from liverpool victoria for the engine change is £564 fully comp-again all mods declared.

Hope this helps!

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

tomclio 1.2 that is for a Brand New 172? Not the 1.2 which i have sold if thats what you thought?

Elephant were best for me on the Williams.. so Im guessing theyll be the best now on a 16v! Well, I say *best* - its just they offer a 10 month policy with a years NCD at the end..

HIC were best (Phil quoted me) on a 16v but they couldnt quote on a Williams.