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clio insurance

Hi, is anyone insured with admiral insurance on here? Im 19, but at the time was 18 with 1 yrs no claims, and got a valver insured with them tptf for £1138 standard and no one seems to be able to touch that price. Also I got a little suzuki truck and again, they are half the price of all the other insurance companies. just wandered if anyone else found them real cheap too? Also i find putting older people on your insurance, like my mum and dad brings my insurance down more and more??? About £80 a person for me. Sam
  Golf GTI 1.8T

corr that does seem cheap, what insurance group was that. mine was £1440 with tesco, no ncd at 18. and thats only for a 1.4 at group 3.

try elephant & bell direct (they are the same company as admiral)
the only thing with that insurance group of companies is that their excesses are high !
hence the low premium.

Yeh excess can be a bit high, but if you want the insurance low, you gotta take the gamble. Plus to be honest at 19, i wouldnt make a claim unless i really really had to, as it would make my insurance go even higher!! I get the excess as high as they let me, which i think was only £250. Sam

At 17 i was paying £1000 tptf on my 1.4rt clio, with a pass plus. without the pass plus it was £1450 cheapest. Pass plus makes a lot of difference on your first years car insurance! Sam

i had an aoptional £250.00 excess on my valver (the total was £450.00 !!!)
the insurance was only £416.00 f/c on it !!

the £200.00 charge is standard, im 24 btw, but when you 25 the excess goes down any way (that was with elephant though, admiral may be a bit different)