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Clio mk2 dci 65,80 or 100?

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I have a friend whos currently looking into buying a diesel clio as a run about to work as they do seem to br awesome on fuel. Though hes not on this forum, so I post this for him and then link him.

The dci100 would be the one to go for at a glance as its the quickest, but its also the worst on fuel and the most expensive to buy and insure.

Is there anything worth knowing about any of the three models?
Whats the general consensus regarding which model to buy?

any information or experience you have with a diesel cliowould be useful
many thanks.
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Everyone normally says the 80 is the best as it's the most economical. I'll be watching this thread as I'm thinking about getting one too! :)


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fuel consumption there is next to zero in it few mpg between an 80 and a 100, 65's are in the middle.

I found insurance the same on all models maby my age though

road tax is £20 on all of them (or at least was last time I had one)

100 is more refined due to better gearbox and hydraulic clutch.

basically 100 is the best, 80 is the next best and 65 the... least best?! buy what you can afford
100 for out of box power, economy is slightly below that of the 80. Can remap an 80 to silly torque.

£30 road tax for all, except the 80 which is £20.

I had the same choice, opted for the 100. Martin sums up all the points pretty well.
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I will link him to this thread. thanks for the feedback, im going with him tomorrow to look at a 65, is there anything they are prone to? like duel mass failure or tappets or... (i have no idea when it comes to dcis, i like my clios to run an F4r at 1psi)
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65 is a good shout as tends to be cheaper to buy. For commuting there ideal, never going to win any races but my average has been between 67-70mpg thats on a 50 miles round trip for work every day, mix of outside lane and some b road.


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100 if you can afford it however if it goes wrong it's way more expensive and second hand parts are considerably harder to find. 100 is the only one with DMF I believe.

Edde has a fantastic write up in the "Guides" section and I would take a tick list with you. I did this with my DCI but unfortunately only found 2 things wrong with it. One was a wiper!

Our 65 is perfect for everything. We have driven it in European on the deserted toll routes where you can be flat out all the time, round town, in the countryside, towed a car and I drive mine 70 miles a few times a week on the motorway where it sits in the outside lane comfortably.

Personally I would get the 80 as sometimes the 65 is a little stretched when trying to do 9+0 (that's 10 mr police man) up a hill but other than that it's fantastic and very economical.

If I were to buy again I would go for an 80 and make sure it was a high spec dynamique or equ. Our expression+ was low spec and I've gradually changed that but it's nicer to have the bits in the first place (alloys, trip computer, slightly nicer spoiler)

I have recently helped buy a DCI for a family member. I advised to get an 80 high spec but the ones we saw were rubbish, had idling problems and were bad condition (even the low mileage ones). Shop around, there are a lot of dogs, people buy them for the mpg but don't care about anything else. They had a tight purse to begin with so don't fork on maintenance.

I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get below 50 mpg though in all circumstance. Having queued in London for 4 hours on Friday I still did over 60 mpg. 600-700 miles per tank no problems.

My tax is £30 a year.


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  Whichever has fuel
Personally, I'd just buy the best car I could for the money I had available. Regardless of it being a 65/80/100.

Lets be honest, you aren't buying it for out and out pace so IMO i'd try and buy something that needs little to no money spending on it.


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  182 RaceVan
regardless of pace the 100 drives 10x better, and for that reason it makes a better commuter! that's where my money would be, well that's where my money went in the end up after owning the others lol
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Looking at getting one myself recently as a work horse.... What sort of price would people be looking at buying a dci 80/100 at the moment?
I spent just over 2k on mine in dynamique spec with 2 out of 3 optional extras (has climate control and electric sunroof. Doesn't have cruise control) but was a little rough around the edges.
either way, look at a dynamique spec for sure.


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Just sold my 100 Dynamique..

Was a great little car, pulled really well and great on fuel.

Would of kept it as a daily drive if I could warrant it.

Ph1 172 ftw
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I've got a 65, isn't the best for speed but it is really good on fuel, don't fill up as much as my mates do, although if you're traveling far for work and 80 would be the best option, can't go wrong with the cheaper road tax on all of them aswell.