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Clio Mk2 Ph2 Halogen Headlight 5th Bulb?

  Clio Mk2

While working on restoring headlights, I’ve realized there’s a fifth socket/hole for a bulb in my headlights. First time I have realized and dealership has no idea as well.

there’s three separate sections in halogen headlights, indicator bulb goes into top one, sidelights and main beam goes into inner one and dipped beam bulb goes into outer one. Easy, right?
Well, there’s another hole just under dipped beam H7 bulb socket.

Owners manual notes “to equip fog lights or long range lights, inquire with your dealership”. Dealership has no idea, service manuals or part catalogs noes not list anything so I’m out of ideas.

One thing I can speculate on is HID projector replaces dipped beam reflector section in some trims. A single D2S bulb and an optic takes over H7 bulb and whatever this extra port does. So a “highway mode” for fast driving, a cornering light to illuminate at an angle under certain speeds?

Any ideas? Thanks.
  Clio Mk2
Empty socket/hole is marked in red for reference