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Clio Mk3 Engine Fuse Box

  2007 Clio 1.2 TCe
Hi All,

I have got a 57 plate Clio (1.2 TCE)

Yesterday i put some new Headlight bulbs in and everything is working as it should apart from the Front Fog Lights!
I have definitely connected them back up correctly but still no joy! i am thinking it might just be the fuse gone.

Here lies the problem...
According to the Haynes manual I've got, there is an engine fuse box where the fog light fuse is. Does anyone know where this fuse box is? Haynes manual states where all the fuse boxes are apart from this one!

  Fiesta ST2
Should be at the front of the battery theres another cover. Theres also one on the right hand side near the top mount
  2007 Clio 1.2 TCe
Should be at the front of the battery theres another cover. Theres also one on the right hand side near the top mount
Thanks for reply!
The two that i have found by the battery seem to be the Power feed fuse box (narrow one right below battery) and the Switching and Protection module (right hand side of the battery).

Haynes manual says there are the following fuse boxes:
- Power feed
- Engine Fuse/Relay - this is where front fog light is meant to be.
- Passenger Fuse/Relay box 1 (steering wheel)
- Passenger Fuse/Relay box 2 (glove box)

  Fiesta ST2
No idea sorry! Those are the only two fuse boxes I'm aware of in the engine bay. I had a look through my docs and couldn't see anything. Does it say anything in the car manual? I didn't get one with the 197 or i'd check

  2007 Clio 1.2 TCe
Thanks for looking!
In the Renault docs, it only details the fuse box under the steering wheel, but it does talk about other fuse boxes... Only it says go to your dealer for these fuses.

  RB 200
Iv just had mine out, same problem ish but my headlamps wouldnt turn off while the fogs wouldn't go on! The fuse box:
Take out the battery un screw the tray to the right hand side you'll see a black cover which looks like a ECU cover, unscrew it, there's some fuses there you can see, and then if you take it out theres a few more on the bottom.

Turns out I needed a new stalk for the lights though it had short circuited some how ...
  2007 Clio 1.2 TCe
Thanks for the diagrams adam1942! I don't think any of them are the ones i am looking for :(

James1470 i have just PM'ed you for the piccy. Was the new stalk expensive? I assume it fixed the problem though?

  2007 Clio 1.2 TCe
Thanks, Guys... After looking at the diagrams from adam1942 some more and doing James1470 suggestion i have found the fuses.

It appears the Engine Fuse/Relay box described by the Haynes manual is the Protection and Switching module. The row of fuses i was looking for was hidden behind an additional plastic cover - me being blind!
The fuse is fine so it must be something else preventing the fogs working! :(

  Fiesta ST2
Only thing I can think of is turn them on using the stalk and get the old volt meter out! tis all I can say sorry fella! I take it you have checked the cable that runs between the two lights?


sorry to BUMP an old post, did you ever find the problem as i have the same probelm, mk 3 clio 197.
  Clio Dci 106 dynamic
Anyone know if this is the same as my 55 clio mk3 dci I changed a blown bulb in headlight and it still didn't work took it to halfords who charged me £6.99 to refit the bulb and say its probably a fuse, and have one near steering wheel and two with huge fuses near the battery, which non have a symbol for the lights
  Renault Clio 3 2.0RS
I have a Clio 197, about a week ago my car died on me, battery is under 2 years old, car would crank/swing but not start, jumped it and managed to start up again, last night on my way home, headlights died, dashboard said braking failure, check abs. Brakes were working fine, just lights stayed off.
Switched car off, turned on ignition, lights still not working, car wouldnt start, crank or swing, and braking failure remains on dashboard ? any ideas or suggestions? I will be attempting to take a look at the different fuse boxes listed by adam1942 (Thanks) , how would i know what to look at for a possible faulty fuse, and which fuse box should I start with?

Thanks in Advance