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Clio MK3 Headunit Problem

I tried to fit my new JVC headunit today, got all the wires and stuff and it works with ignition etc BUT, how the hell do you push it in? It won't go in. I know there are a lot of wires on the JVC but it can't be impossible to fit an aftermarket one in? I've cut my hands trying to fit it by pushing all the wires back into them little holes on the side as much as I can but it still won't go all the way in.

Anyone help?
  2008 Clio 1.2 TCE
the only way i found the wires to go in on mine is to go up!
i cable tied wires together then got the ipod cable and put it into my glove box so i fed tht wire through and then pulled it wile pushin headunit in(it u put a bit of other wire in it should do same job).... took a wile but got there in the end... it will def go in as mine is dvd plyer with nintendo wii cables going to it too:cool:
So push the wires up? And yeah I know that USB wire is massive at the back of the headunit. Even though I'm not gonna use it, do you reckon I should feed it through the glovebox anyway? Just so it's out the way?
  Clio mk3 1.2 Extreme
The easiest way i found to pull all the cables up the top is remove the double vent about the stero (flat head screwdriver dead easy to do) and you can see all the cables you want to pull up and cable tie them to something. Hope this helps
  Mini Cooper S
Yeah push them all'll slide right in once you've done it right. Tis a right pain in the arse!
I removed the glovebox on mine, you can then get your hand in to push the wires/fuseboxes up while pushing the H/U in.
  Mk5 Golf GTi
Hi, I'm having this problem too! Does the double airvent surround just pop out/clip in? I'm finding it hard to get it out and I don't want to break anything hehe.