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Clio mk3 sport rear bumper question

  clio 3 05

I want to go from a standard rear bumper;


To the sport rear bumper;


Is it a case of littlerally swapping bumpers? And how would i get round the dual exhaust problem? (Would look abit silly one exhaust tip)



ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
I don't think its a straight swap. I think the rear 1/4 is flared.

  LY R27
I think the above is correct. you can still fit the bumper but the joint wont be flush. A decent body shop would find this no problem.

Though what you must consider is the exhaust positioning. you can either:
- keep your standard exhaust with two holes in the diffuser and maybe route it somewhere else.
- keep your standard exhaust with two fake tips sticking out
- have a custom jobby fit one pipe and fake the other

As a 197 exhaust i gone think would fit as we have no wheel well so the pipe goes right though this.

A couple of people on here have done it, have a bit of a search (May find you a while). But there is a liquid yellow 1.2 TCE that did it (though some think it is actually a 197 shell).

Either way its alot of work!
  Renault clio 1.2 tce
i want to do the exact same thing but i haven't been able to find the answer yet, have you done anything else to your clio yet ?
  clio 3 05
So far ive;

De badged, de wipered, alloys, 45mm springs,cupra r splitter,smoked rear lights,7k bulbs & colour coded.

Things im thinking about doing;

Side skirts, spoiler & sport rear bumper

I think id go for the two fake exhaust tips, where on earth do i buy a 197 bumper though ?
  LY R27
There are many breakers online and on ebay, try them.

But you hit it with that body kit, not exactly the same but it should line up with the panels.

Only thing is, you can never be sure of these fixing points, also as for actual photos of the rear before you buy as they can change from concept to reality and therfore look tack!

Goodluck, keep us posted
  Renault clio 1.2 tce
That kit from ebay looks like it would do the trick though
yeah what you have done so far sounds like my list to do lol get a photo up of it sounds like a looker.