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Clio on 19s

that is a waste of fibre glass and effort. that dude just threw away a couple grand.

i dont know why they think its cool.....its not, its not stylish is not like people on the street are gonna go "wow, what a nice car".....more along the line of

"hahahaha..........pphwaaaahahaha.....gigiggle giggle.....t**t.....stupi max power tit...hahaha"

i mean why, the 19s still look stupid!

ant that rear spoiler!!! jeez, cardboard or what, and there are 2 more mingin clio in the background!

not sure about it to be honest
but big respect to the guy theres alot of work gone into that and its certainly individual

Quite like the side of the car, but the front looks sh*te!
As 4 the 19s, they do look good but theyd just make a fairly slow car even slower! Fair play though!!!
  BMW 320d Sport

IMHO 1/10 for style but 10/10 for effort.

Not really into the wacko look but who am I to tell people how to style their Clio anyway?