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Clio RT

Hi guys, I usually hang out at the 205GTi forum(http://forum.205gtidrivers.com, but as I wrote my little 205 off on boxing day, Im looking for a new car. What about the Clio RT?

Im 18, so I need cheap insurance. Also, as I wasnt planning on stuffin the 205 into a wall, i have no money (limited funds!!!)

What would you recomend?

The reason I asked, is I found 2 low mileage Clio RTs at under a grand.

Other possibilities are Golfs or Corsas. Dont want to resort to a Nova.

like the other thread says, the swift GTi is about as good a cheap perfomance car goes and will whip any RT, corsa, nova etc etc......

man, will suck to go from a gti to a rt!

an RT wont touch a pug gti but its a wicked little car

imho the best first car u can ever have but as youve had a gti u may not agree lol deck an rt put it on 15s and strip it and u have a good little about town car that sticks like a go kart, low insurance and sheap to buy.

prob is your goin from a fast car down to an rt so i dunno but it will piss on any corsa or golf in the same group, ive raced a 1.4 golf and spanked it hard, also i dunno if u can geta golf or corsa with the same spec as an rt for under a grand?

  Skoda Fabia vRS

for the money probably nothin better

and i can keep up with the 1.6 205 GTi to about 60/70 in my RT

sorry brun, pride is a great is enthusiasm.....

but for the money, there are tons of faster and better cars than the RT!

like the swift....which is ace.


alfa 33 boxers etc etc
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Ben, yea your right, but INSURANCE !

if the guy has just crashed then his premiums aint gonna be low are they, and you hardly pay the same insurance on an XR2 as an RT do you

if your ignorin insurance then sod the RT an get an XR2, but obviously its gonna sting you so id go for the RT

Yeah, my Dad aint too happy, and I was on his insurance. So, out goes anything quick, or that mentions the letters GTi....;)

So, I thought a cheap standard RT that I could mod myself looked a good option, as I was told it is only insurance group 5.

But Corsas are still so expensive to buy for what they are, and Novas are just sh*te.

Ideally, Id get another Pug, as for a small car, I dont think they can be touched! They rule! But, even thought most of my mates have told me not to bother with an RT, I wanted your opinions!

A 205 XS/GT sounds good, but I doubt I could find one!

205 XS is poop....a 106 XSi is far far far better.

My RT will be up for sale, either with the phase 1 turbines or 15" OZ super Ls, konis and lowered, with a new engine, few bits and bobs.....if you can wait, ill go cheap as i want to get rid of it....but its not gonna be 900 quid LOL.....

what made u think that!

i swear, its either the engine soon or my money in triplicate for inconvinience and being out of pocket for about a yr!