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Clio videos

Ive uploaded about 30 clio videos to a web site. Let me know if any links dont work. Ive put short descriptions so you can tell whether or not youve seen the clip before along with approx. file sizes.

All the non-Clio video clips are uploading now.


cool ,, that mk1 172 driver could of done better against the scoobies , but he didnt do too bad the scoobies could never really leave him apart from some turbo action on straights..

Ive got two vidos of me chasing and passing an original scooby Turbo, Im in the process of moving my site you can add these two if you wat, Ill let you know when they are back up.

To give you an idea of lap times my best was 1.35m, compared to a yellow 172 on slicks driven by a clio cup driver getting 1.29m. He had a 306 rallye before and that could get 1.33m laps. He said it was quicker round Donnington because of the gearing.

Im going to Donnington again at the beginning of March to beat those laps times and have a tussle with my brother in his 106 Rallye. We were there last weekend and we murdered a bug eyed turbo impreza. Sure he was a crap driver but even down the straights he only pulled about five car lengths done the straights before the chicane to the pit straight. As you can see from the video the original turbo murdered me down the straights.

Mind you I dont want to copy my brother and spin off the track at Craners doing 100mph scary I can tell you!!!!

Have a look at his spin here ...


It was damp only the racing line was dry, and the back wheels just came off line, he was trying to go through craners flat, which he did later in the day and just about having enough track to do it, correcting oversteer through Craners is fcuking scary though. And beleive me 106 Rallyes are easy to oversteer.

Anyway Ill have a go in two weeks time, and see if I can do it myself!!

If anyine fancies goin to Donnington the circuit themselves are organising two days on Sat 1st March and Sun 9th March for £75 all day 9-4. Basically you get half an hour tracktime each hour with half hour for lunch. My brother and I will be there on Sat 1st March. Its a fantastic day for you to outdrive others cars and drivers.

Heres another one of his spins, thanks to the Red Feista being a b*****d and not letting us past in time for Goddards.

Later in the day one of the other Rallyes stacked it here.

Does anyone here know how to embed a TrueType font into a web site? If so, please can you let me know!