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Clio Williams 2 - Price Value ?

  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5

Looking for some advice on a clio williams 2

It is

  • Original
  • Less than 80k miles
  • Not used for over a year
  • Bodywork in good condition
  • Timing belt done
  • 1 owner
  • No MOT or TAX
The owner would like to hear prices in the region of £2000

How does this sound what should I offer

Anything I should look out for



ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
If its not been used for a year, then bank on spending £4-500 on it. (belts would have gone crusty, oil, filters, etc etc)

I personally think that if its clean and original, £2k is a good price anyway!

Any less, and your laughing!
Check the rear arches etc
As Daniel says its going to want a full service if its been standing..
Go in at £1500 then meet him in the middle at £1750.


ClioSport Club Member
Sounds quite good, I'd like to see some pics of it.

Why has it not been used for a year?

Would never buy without an MOT though. If you are keen I would put a deposit down and take it to a garage and ask them to MoT it and see what the results are.

I would also like a fairly lengthy drive in it to see how it comes up. Rear brakes usually bind so could be a pain in the arse if not driven for a long time i.e new rear calipers.

Also if the tyres havent been stored properly is may have flat spots.
  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
Thanks for that mate

Does look very tidy it turns over okay new battery just need to see it running aswell