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Clio Williams info/prices/specs


Currently own a Peugeot 306 S16, but have been looking at Clio Williams recently. What Id like to know is what sort of prices do Clio Williams 3 go for, Id really like one with low mileage, FRSH, 1/2 owners, basically as mint/std as possible (heres hoping !!)

Also, whats the difference between the Williams 1, 2 + 3 and were there any options available on the williams 3 ?



Williams 1 and 2 are phase1 clios without ABS, air bags etc... later willy 2s were built around phase2 i think towards the end?

Williams 3 has sunroof, ABS etc. and diff colour to the 1 and 2

all same spec engine as far as i know! maybe wrong...

mine was 5k ... williams 3, 62k miles, RSH till 42k miles,

as carlos seaays use the search function above there have been loads of threads on the williams.

good luck