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Clio Williams

  206 1.4 16v sport

I would like to buy one of these but never been in one

Anyone in Yorkshire, (West Yorks) own one and would like to

take a 35 year old kid for a spin in theirs ?

could be a pint in it.">

Just get one. Youll not regret it. They dont come up very often, so have a look at Bens (djmcfish). Minter by all account. Only 1200 in UK in total.

Buy the Willy!

172 is a quality vehicle, but you just cant beat the ride and handling on the Willy. I got one of the original 400 and if you can get your hands on one of these babies go for it. The Willy 2 & 3 are just as good, but they lack the magic of the orginal ones!


I dont live in West Yorkshire but my fowlks live up in Dewsbury and I may be heading u there for a weekend rather soon. Id be happy to take you for a spin.



A VERY fair offer..

And, in appreciation of the gift that goes on giving..:devilish:

I will also offer a ride in a standard 172,,;)

thats fair ????

then you WILL see the dark side luke..........

mamby pamby vulva / willy owners tryin to hold on to a bit of history (Cue appreciative posts.....)............

When you have ridden in a TRUE sports hatch, only then will you appreciate the deficiencies of the archaic design, to its full potential. and, then realise, it was all a sham, and the modern rs can blow it into non consideration... especialy on styling....

Hee hee


I live in west yorkshire but have a mk2 172, your welcome to a passenger ride, where abouts are you in west yorkshire??
  206 1.4 16v sport

thanks for the replies

Dazz F - Thanks - I would be interested in a ride some time.

just e.mail me when your around.

Clio 172 is a fine car - but im looking for something with classic value and appeal.

I live in Huddersfield - so will be happy to go to a meet if any around thanks again
  williams and trophy

woodside mate i onl live the other side of halifax.......and dare i say it?????

i can give you a ride in the fastest timed (standard-ish)willy 1 in the country at the moment

open to all the flak that comes with making THAT statement lol

i got the 1 they all trying to catch lol

  206 1.4 16v sport

2 live

yes that would be great - theres an M reg for sale at moment in Halfax

I was going to have a look this weekend hopefully.

when I get one - i will undoubtedly mod the engine - have you done owt to yours ?

let me know when your free and I will come over to Hx - you can mail me on if you wish">

Read the "Which Williams?" thread for moding advice for the Willy. Same deal as the 16v really - major expense for real power!