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Well theres not a huge difference, the BMW has 231bhp and 300nm of torque. Thats clearly more but the 0-60 of the BMW is no better. Obviously mid range it would have the clio beaten but in the real world he could of been in 6th gear while dror172 might of been in 4th.


eactly if beemer was auto or the driver being lazy then fair enough a person in 172 caining will will prob win but if the bmw was taking to limit then after 60 the 172 willl dropp back quite a lot, just cant compare with bmw 231 bhp torque or high speed cruising ability


Thats why a lot of races on the road arent reliable at all. Theres always one whos willing to cain it more than the other. Youd need a drag from the lights but here in london theres no space to do it so i dont really bother. Ive beaten a load of fast cars but thats only cos ive started caining it before theyve realised im in their rear view mirror!