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ClioSport - French Car Show 2008

  Corsa SXI 1.7 DTI
Im Taking my Mk2 Ph1 1.2 !!! but its my baby an it shud be sexier by then!! iv just taken up a 3rd job!!!! to afford to kit it out before FCS!!

owell :p
  BMW M135i

You cant really appreciate how bad it was just from that photo. We were all starving and thats pretty much what we were ALL served haha.

heh that was the staff canteen, you must have taken a wrong turn !!!!!

Joking aside, we done vip in 2004 and 2005 and it was awesome, 2006 the caterer thought he would get smart and cut corners and we were left with that 'effort'. I would also like to stress EVERY single person who wanted a vip refund got one by return which earned us serious respect on here.

Anyway 2008 ViP is in a multi million pound lounge built for BMW, with girls, giveways and vouchers, loads of soft drinks and snacks and let's not forget £7.50 extra which is a snip.

It's a tad better:-

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Re: FCS & Cliosport meet

Can I update you on the changes on entry to FCS.

Rockingham are using a system that is used at the BTCC which has 20'000 punters. This involves the queuing splitting into several lanes after entry. Last year it was under estimated by them how many cars we'd have arriving over such a short space of time. Any event would stuggle to deal with 2500-3000 cars arriving within 2 hours.

I will post a map up here when I get it hosted.

Furthermore this year ALL pre-sale ticket packs will get a map and instruction on which sector your club will be in.

  Mk1 Maxim Sport
^^ Good idea that. I went down to the Red Bull Air Race last year and spent 6 hours stuck in traffic due to the lack of organisation!

Anyway was just wondering how long i will be able to leave it before i purchase my ticket. Will stand tickets still be available around the end of april time?? and will i still be able to purchase a VIP ticket then or will they be sold out??? Cheers
  BMW E92/Audi S3
Cant wait. Im booking my tickets next week. And my mrs is booking hers with
stands will be available for ages as the rock is massive

ViP not 100% as we are only selling 200 tickets and they are flying out the door.
  clio 1.2 16v,
any-one from witney or sourounding ares going im not going to have a car, will pay all petrol money and buy food :)
any-one from witney or sourounding ares going im not going to have a car, will pay all petrol money and buy food :)
The Witney lot will be going up. TrannyB is the area rep and is also organising the National CS Meet which is on the same weekend as Fri/Sat before FCS. Have a word with him possibly. They have meets every thursday so you could chat one of them up LOL!
  PH2 172
Im going to be ordering my tickets soon for this show and was wondering theres 3 people coming up with me do they just buy the tickets and then i buy 1 ticket with the clio sport club or do they all have to say there with the clio sport club its only me in my car coming up cheers.
the circuit is the newest built in the UK to the tune of 78 million and by all accounts its the dogs.

Have a look at the track page and you can see some footage of a porker doiwng the 2.6 mile track.

It incorporates:-

grandstand straight
part oval

  GW 200T
Thanks schweepy but hinkimn bwt joinin the stand cant see anything on how to obtain tickets to the cs stand

head over to

buy your tickets and there is a drop down box asking what club you are in, click CLIOSPORT and you will get CLIOSPORT window pass which will allow you to park with the club and not in the car park.

When you get to the show follow signs for Renault areas, you will also get a map, look for your club area and head to your stand.

Job done

  ITB BG 182
I shall be going i am shotr enough to get in as 14 lol. Will have to see if i can get away with doing the BBQ:rasp:
Oh ya gotta do the BBQ this year again, it was bloody lovly last time, i dont know about bringing a table though as im being given a lift this year.
  clio sport 172
what time are peopl going to get to rockingham on the sunday morning to get in the gates, and start settign up the stand so i know a good time to get there for ?? cna some one let me know