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ClioSport Meet Up In Guildford

As arranged a few of us met up in guilford today at about 4ish. We chatted for an hour or so about clios and then disbanded

Attendance was(tell me if i get anyone wrong, cos i am hopeless with names )
(using ClioSport names)

-Me (JonL)
-Ian h
-Mark Fisher


Saw you arrive as i was leaving(waved at you) in the courtesy car

Took a couple of photos:

From left to right: Nev16, JonL, PhilGlover and Ian H

Marks Car:

It was a good afternoon, and we should do it again sometime

Nice pics. definatly meet up again as soon as i get my kit fitted and sprayed. try and get more people to come next time.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hey there guys. Im really sorry i didnt get to make it this time Had to collect my girlfriend and her sister from Portsmouth and ended up taking them shopping in Woking (and i wanted to check on my car!), didnt get back till around 5 (which was when i saw ya leaving! nice cars by the way.) It says 6 names, but only 4 cars in view (?) it must be all those lovely wide arches not being able to fit into the pic! Clios really are nice looking cars. Hopefully see ya soon, especially when i get my car back!!!

Yeah there are only 4 cos i couldnt get the others in the pic, plus everyone was standing round the other cars and it was a cars only shot

Sorry I didnt turn up!
I got my car back from the garage (now with koni adjustables) on Friday evening, but I ended up going to West Wittering beach on Sunday.

Were the roads of guildford busy with modified cars?

No not at 4pm, but i went back down there at 9:30 for the cruise and there were a fair few modded cars, a lot less than normal though, there were soooo many police there.

I cant see gulidford lasting much longer with the police cracking down and handing out those letter and producers. Where will we go instead!?

Not sure, apparently there is some sort of legal cruise of sorts going on in Byfleet, at Brooklands Race track on the 5th of October, 5 quid to get in, from 2 pm onwards or something like that. Not sure if its for definate, heard about it a while ago.

Then again i doubt thats thats gonna be a regular thing, but who knows?
  CTR EK9 turbo

Cool, i went to a kit car meeting there and they did a display of a short hill climb sprint. A nice RS200 replica was pretty fast....

Were the police sending people into the B&Q car park? if you get sent into there, just escape through the back entrance (footpath), we did last time!

No, but they were taking people into this little fenced off bit they had made and checking that the cars were road legal etc.

not done em yet m8
they are built but i gotta fibre glass em today or tomoro
then got a few ideas
how does a flip paint boot install take ya fancy?

u got msn m8?

oh and to be fair the police we were talkin to were sound as jon said they were just making sure the cars were legal. we were havin a laugh and a joke about stuff with the two guys who were sound.

one didnt take to kindly to me shouting tho hehe just told a bmw mini driver to buy renault and geta 172 instead LOL

Alright lads

Im moving too Sutton on the weekend from Newcastle, im sure my sister said that Guilfords not far from Sutton, if so i would be definetly interested in meeting up next time you arrange it, as it would be nice to find out where the best roads are down there. Ive driven down a road called the mad mile if that rings any bells, not sure where it was though.


hello m8 im near suttton
go up sutton every thur night
the mad mile is the local stretch to race down. as u know a nice stretch of striahgt road with no cameras and a set of traffic lights at the start of the stretch.

we meet up down sutton high street on a thur evening for a social chat and a laugh. loadsa nice cars down there. usually about 30 cars all down there for a chat and some food.

and no its not far from guildford bout 20 mins if that

Oooh flippy paint boot install sounds well cool

Yeah i do have msn, but not at work, mine is

Ill add you when i get home from work

yes m8 definatly, its a good evening, cars and kfc, u cant go wrong lol is my email, get in touch and ill let ya know the details.